Evoke In A Sentence

Definition of Evoke

To call out; to draw out or bring forth. | To cause the manifestation of something (emotion, picture, etc.) in someone's mind or imagination.

How To Use Evoke In A Sentence?

  • He abandoned his airy pretense that the affair could possibly evoke her enthusiasm.
  • The dead who had evoked him, the unborn whom he would evoke he governed the paths between them.
  • He did not, it is true, evoke in her that extreme sensation which has been called a thrill.
  • There was melody in it, such as a woodpecker knows how to evoke from a smooth, dry branch.
  • To push aside forever this complicated chaos and evoke celestial order and harmony, came Kepler.
  • The art shops and the book shops of San Francisco evoke the admiration of every visitor.
  • His method of inculcating wisdom was to evoke it in his interlocutor by making him considerate of the meaning of his speech.
  • If I hate my pupils I evoke hate from them; if I love them I evoke love from them in return.
  • These maladies evoke in the best ordered and most intelligent communities an increasing pressure of public control.
  • But is it really so; does no circumstance arise under which even the proximity of a rival fails to evoke response?
  • During waking life the soul is given up to the impressions of the senses, and to the thoughts and pictures that these evoke in it.
  • The readiness of resource no less than the intrepid courage and athletic skill of the rescuers evoke enthusiastic admiration.
  • But they are always desirable books, and evoke spirited bidding whenever they appear in the auction-room.
  • In trying to evoke the women of these days of long ago, it is hardly possible to do more than portray them in outline.
  • The power to read and write is employed by the great majority of all classes in ways which evoke a minimum of thought and wholesome feeling.
  • Barres knit his brows, trying to evoke in his memory a physiognomy to fit a name which seemed hazily familiar.
  • This lugubrious reply, strange to say, did not evoke the sympathy which a listener might have expected.
  • I could now evoke her at will; and, with her, many buried memories were called out of nothingness into life.
  • If he wished to evoke the extreme of anguish from his host, he raised a menacing arm and uttered a windy word or two.
  • This is Jenny's life, and the kind of emotions she can evoke in an audience are her special gift.
  • Seek thou in him all else that he can evoke from nought, Seek the creative master, the king of beautiful thought.
  • I have now said all that I need to say of the causes which, directly or indirectly, evoke the condition we call nervousness.
  • You have so often been told this, I know, and perhaps the familiar ring about the advice may evoke contempt.
  • No wonder Balzac maintained that if Chopin should but drum on the table his fingers would evoke subtle-sounding music.
  • Art has something else to do than to copy Nature exactly: it must penetrate into the spirit of things, it must evoke the soul of its hero.
  • Never did a series of political events evoke a sympathy so wide and so disinterested, and it may be foretold with confidence that it never will again.
  • Sooner or later we shall return to the spirit of the ages which produced these pictures, and which regarded them with less of an industrious bewilderment than they evoke at present.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Evoke | Evoke Sentence

  • I often stand before it and evoke her.
  • What had he said to evoke this luminous hatred?
  • He liked to evoke those little speeches of hers.
  • The jests evoke roars of laughter.
  • Therefore I confidently await and evoke you.
  • But a recognition of the need may evoke a great writer for children.
  • He recalled the early gossip and sought to evoke her as a professional model.
  • One can well sense the feeling which this comparison may evoke in many people.
  • Now the spirit we evoke we must control, or else we must become its slave.
  • But you cannot evoke Religion "in vacuo.
  • These gardens evoke reflections upon the ever-changing fate of Spain.
  • I could evoke all Paris, sweet, prae-imperial Paris, in a single whiff!
  • But how sad is Dorothy's mood to evoke such almost unearthly strains!

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