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  • Since then evolved a monoplane.
  • In 1868 he evolved a triplane model.
  • The oxygen is evolved and escapes through the tube B.
  • Before morning I had evolved many plans and adopted one.
  • Truth is most likely to be evolved in the school of experience.
  • He is obscured by deities of a kind not yet evolved in the lowest culture.
  • The hydrogen is evolved as a gas and may be collected by suitable apparatus.
  • He had evolved the myth of a water-nymph or naiad, and there he stopped.
  • The move was evolved 1912, but not built till well into 1913.

How To Use Evolved In A Sentence?

  • The further suggestions that evolved themselves from this consideration were a little disquieting.
  • And since man has always existed, he cannot have evolved in time from a lower being.
  • The carbon dioxide evolved escapes through the dough, thus making it light and porous.
  • Thus was evolved a system of education in every way antagonistic to that of the Jesuits.
  • At last Maseden evolved a fairly intelligible notion of what she was endeavoring to convey.
  • The higher is the same thing as the lower, but it is the same thing in a more {294} evolved state.
  • The old stable forces of home, and school, and church, the Argonaut soon evolved about him.
  • Some new physiology evolved illustrated by severe cases of acute disease 34 IV.
  • Subject to your approval, Comrade Jackson, I have evolved the following plan of action.
  • They gradually evolved into successively higher and higher organisms by means of adaptation to their environment.
  • Patrilineal descent may have been directly evolved without the intermediate stage of reckoning through females.
  • They have forgotten that it was by the most gradual and tedious process that the old telegraphic methods were evolved into the new.
  • The idea of eternity is necessarily evolved from the negation contained in the limited meaning of the word time.
  • Alone of gods he is unpropitiated by food or libation, indicating that he is not evolved out of a hungry ghost.
  • The chlorine is evolved as a gas at the anode, while the sodium alloys with the melted lead which forms the cathode.
  • Broken bones and wounds heal, diseases are cured through energy evolved in the brain or the brain system as a whole.
  • I wish you would write occasionally to me during the year; so many new sides of things are evolved by talking them over.
  • When oxygen and nitrogen are mixed in the proportion in which they exist in the atmosphere, heat is neither evolved nor absorbed by the process.
  • Were they brave, were they mighty in stature, those men who evolved and achieved those wonderful defence works?
  • The more generally accepted view of modern science is that law and custom are things slowly evolved under stress of human circumstances.
  • As the care moves by the power evolved in the dynamo, so do the bloodvessels contract and relax as determined by brain conditions.
  • By this general activity, and by this sacredness of individuals, they have in seven hundred years evolved the principles of freedom.
  • The weight of the water evolved is always equal to exactly 36.07% of the weight of copper sulphate crystals heated.
  • This philosophic god, gradually evolved by the reasoning mind, produced the very smallest effect upon the unphilosophic world.
  • Others have accepted the discovery as being a true one, and evolved an entirely new theory from it, while using it as a party weapon also.
  • No nation within fourteen months evolved from practically nothing an organization of, roundly, three million soldiers.
  • What Missy did not emphasize in her mind was the mystery of how piety evolved from white fox furs and white fox furs finally evolved from piety.
  • The Germans have evolved a complicated system of construction from notes made by Lepsius upon the details of the masonry in different pyramids.
  • At this point it may be well to consider some of the features of the problem and the devices thus far evolved by long years of investigation and experiment.
  • To this type he later added the mine-laying submarine, and towards the end of the War he evolved the large, commerce-destroying cruiser boat.
  • The great bound of relief evolved by the respite of the heavier penalty was succeeded in his mind by resentment and disgust as he realised the magnitude of this really formidable imposition.

Definition of Evolved

Having arisen through a process of evolution or iterative development. | (informal) biologically gifted | simple past tense and past participle of evolve
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