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  • Implicit obedience was exacted from her.
  • We have exacted vengeance from them.
  • For this the law exacted no penalty.
  • She exacted a promise to that effect.
  • The work exacted of them was necessarily very light.
  • For these services they exacted large fees.
  • Her father had exacted no promise about secrecy.
  • She exacted complete obedience from her children.
  • Rarely was any fee exacted for the lesson given.
  • But one by one, he exacted the password from each.
  • A fare of eleven dollars was usually exacted for the trip.
  • It was exacted of Hellenic hierophants.
  • Helen had exacted no promises from Dexter.
  • She exacted that I should speak.
  • I have not exacted more work from the labourer than was just.
  • It isn't to be exacted of me.
  • She had exacted her share of the homage and the substance of her clients.
  • He had exacted a complete revenge for their attack upon him.
  • And the tribute of human tears will be exacted to the uttermost.
  • His moral sense exacted such things rather of other people than himself.
  • The promise now fell due and the men exacted its fulfilment.
  • The land magnates exacted tribute for the slightest privilege granted.
  • The law of love exacted for the heart a widowhood of twice that period.
  • So he exacted a promise that he would follow him, and went on ahead.
  • The soundest political acumen, the most unerring tact, was exacted of him.
  • He was very jealous of Edna and exacted a stern degree of fidelity of her.
  • Thus he escaped witnessing the vengeance exacted by William upon the north.

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  • Heaven knew what promises might not be exacted from him before the evening ended.
  • He then exacted a payment of about fourpence a head towards defraying the expense of sentinels.
  • Rentals are exacted from them, which represent on the average the fourth part of their wages.
  • The lady married the man she loved whereupon the knight exacted fulfilment of the agreement.
  • She was in reality single, but she exacted the married title as a point of respect.
  • And yet we sinned, in writing or reading or studying less than was exacted of us.
  • In the case of every other great trade union the war has exacted profound and vital concessions.
  • Her life belonged to another; and he exacted the payment of tribute to the uttermost farthing.
  • Toll was exacted in one direction only, unsold articles to be returned to the shipper free.
  • Her mother had exacted some small household tasks from her, and setting the table was one of them.
  • It seems rather a petition indulged to human infirmity, than exacted from human piety.
  • Patti has frequently exacted what I will content myself with describing as extreme terms.
  • One promise only I exacted from her as the price of this gracious act on my part.

Definition of Exacted

simple past tense and past participle of exact
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