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  • How can I pass my exams then?
  • But these Honour exams take it out of one.
  • And he's full up with horrid exams and lectures.
  • The Chemistry and Physics exams were both the same afternoon.
  • Well, I've got to be off, or I'll be late. Mid-term exams this week.

How To Use Exams In A Sentence?

  • I liked psychology best of all because you could fake the answers and cram for exams more easily.
  • Dear Boys: By this time you will be all through your exams and I hope have both passed.
  • Dunn had planned an extensive walking tour in the Highlands; you know he came out of his exams awfully fagged.
  • My cousins from Belgaum arrived on schedule and since no one had Board exams that year the holiday season began in the first week of April itself.

Definition of Exams

plural of exam
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