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  • Do you want to exasperate me?
  • And this description was enough to exasperate him.
  • Don't exasperate them needlessly.
  • Asanov's insolence began to exasperate me.
  • Galileo continued to exasperate his enemies by his arrogance and sarcasms.
  • Thus he managed to exasperate representatives of almost every class.
  • Little is being done to allay these forces, much conspires to exasperate them.
  • It seems made to exasperate the North and build up the Republican party.
  • To exasperate him further, the rest of the day seemed obsessed by Victor Mahr.

How To Use Exasperate In A Sentence?

  • She would not exasperate me so deeply if I could be certain of her springs of action.
  • This mild reply seemed to exasperate Harris far more than an angry retort would have done.
  • Women sometimes out of pure wantonness try to exasperate a man so that he falls into courses which bring his end swiftly.
  • All my tears have hitherto been able to obtain but empty promises of amendment from the faithless one; and my just reproaches only exasperate him.
  • The employments of literature sharpen this natural tendency; the vexations that accompany them frequently exasperate it into morbid soreness.
  • Mercury, to poison and exasperate the entire organism, and then a saline potion in the hope of getting rid of the mercury!
  • Was it possible, in any way, to exasperate her irritable nature against him, and in this way to render her more accessible to his own advances?
  • Even Archie could never exasperate her again enough to endanger the child's future.
  • He is baffled, deceived, and still more deeply involved; but injury and disappointment exasperate rather than instruct him.
  • They would only exasperate dispute, and impel him to those acts of violence which I was desirous of preventing.
  • William felt in the mood for a short soliloquy of indignation, for Katharine had contrived to exasperate him in more ways than one.
  • Our men decided upon the first two, but left the third for a better occasion, in order not to exasperate those who were showing signs of obedience.
  • Other circumstances happened to exasperate a passion which was, and had long been, a prevalent vice in the Scottish disposition.
  • We would not follow, for we knew that he would do it, if any man could, and the sound of many in pursuit would only further exasperate the ponies.
  • The Sea-wolves seemed to exist but to exasperate him, and this latest news came just at one of the most prosperous epochs of his career.
  • The boyish rashness of Rehoboam might exasperate the leaders, and precipitate the issue; but very clearly all had been prepared for a revolt.
  • It was his business to strike them into the neck or shoulder of the bull, but nowhere else, while their points were calculated to do no more than exasperate it.
  • He was followed by the widow, with two loaded pistols in her hand, and old Simon, who entreated them not to use violence or exasperate the enemy.
  • My proud bearing seemed to exasperate them, but I kept them back with a single look (besides, a closed iron gate rendered them powerless).
  • The three young savages brought from Naghun are very amusing from the savage freedom of their ways, but they exasperate the servants by quizzing and mimicking them.
  • He wished earnestly to know the meaning of the words he had heard relating to the Princess; but fearing to exasperate the tyrant more against her, he desisted.

Definition of Exasperate

(obsolete) exasperated; embittered. | To tax the patience of, irk, frustrate, vex, provoke, annoy; to make angry.
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