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  • An excavation leaves traces.
  • Well need excavation equipment, and labor.
  • The earth excavation was done at the rate of about 67 cu.
  • Common Excavation 8,000 cu.
  • The excavation of Medinet Habu.
  • Solid Rock Excavation } 182 lin.
  • Our excavation was therefore somewhat T-shaped (see Fig.
  • The excavation of the ground around them is plainly to be seen.
  • In this excavation is a domed oven with a couple of fireplaces.
  • An excavation of large area for reception of vessels.
  • In the system of excavation described no steam power is employed.
  • In the rock the excavation was always carried from 2 to 5 in.
  • The excavation in which he stood was nearly forty feet square.
  • The middle of the excavation was 3 feet deep in volcanic ash.
  • The excavation of the flinty mass occupied nearly two summers.
  • An excavation deeper than eighteen inches would have water in the bottom.
  • The excavation on the eastern side began with a trench 25 feet wide.
  • The average rate of excavation during the sinking in soft material was 84 cu.
  • As in the first cave, excavation would be very difficult and expensive.
  • The new excavation showed, brown against the bright verdure.
  • The excavation of this barrow was commenced on the 17th of July 1854.
  • The right of excavation here vests in a Frenchman, who has purchased the same.
  • The stable, for three cows and two ponies, was an excavation in the side hill.
  • Maybe you think I dropped into the excavation just to pass the time away?
  • The excavation was 2 feet, 6 inches to 3 feet 6 inches deep.
  • Before excavation this seemed to be more like a grave than No. 1.
  • The excavation was bell-shaped to receive the Long Island shields.

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  • Another shifting of the strata imperilled all the excavation that had been done.
  • Doubtless systematic excavation in the various parts of the ruin would afford an explanation.
  • Two eggs on the ground under a tuft of grass and in a slight excavation lined with fine grass.
  • Let us finish this short preamble, and occupy ourselves with the excavation of the statue.
  • This being done, the shield was shoved through the opening, and excavation begun.
  • The average rate of rock excavation below the final position of the cutting edge was 125 cu.
  • The trough-shaped excavation is more rounded in outline, and is three-fourths of an inch in depth.
  • The third "story" is an excavation for a cellar under a house recently erected.
  • There may have been an excavation or pit similar to that in which the Hurons buried their dead.
  • The depth was 4 feet, the length of the excavation 4 feet, and the width 3 feet.
  • Epiphysis: a lappet-like process covering an excavation on the fore tibia of many Lepidoptera.
  • As soon as a slight excavation had been made, both Noel and Dennis leaped into it.
  • One remarkable mining excavation of the Mound-Builders was found near the Waterbury mine.

Definition of Excavation

(uncountable) The act of excavating, or of making hollow, by cutting, scooping, or digging out a part of a solid mass. | (countable) A cavity formed by cutting, digging, or scooping. | (countable) An uncovered cutting in the earth, in distinction from a covered cutting or tunnel.
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