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  • In all the extremities of war there is no example of courage and intrepidity to exceed this.
  • So as very considerably to exceed his appearance when first presented to the reader.
  • Nothing can exceed the dismalness of the mosses during nine or ten months of the year.
  • Nothing could exceed the quiet gravity and unpretentiousness of the little cavalcade.
  • At the time of the conquest the population in all probability did not exceed a half-million.
  • He said that he had no instructions on the matter, and that he could not exceed his powers.
  • Provided that the temperature of the hot air could be so regulated as not to exceed 100 deg.
  • These four mountain ranges never exceed an elevation of 1600 feet above the sea.
  • The extreme width of the aeroplane supporting surfaces must not exceed 40 feet.
  • In 1710 the average weight of dressed cattle did not exceed three hundred and seventy pounds.
  • These trenches are usually laid out on contour, and do not exceed a length of 20 feet.
  • Nothing could exceed the excitement inside the tent, except it was the excitement outside.
  • The variety and beauty of the birds, as well as the charm of their song, exceed all description.
  • The supports should be of smooth timber, and need not exceed 1-1/2 inches square in section.
  • Nothing could exceed the graceful interest which he expressed in my companion's safety.
  • Nothing could exceed the apparent barrenness of these plains, or the cheerlessness of the landscape.
  • Christianity cannot indeed be dealt with in the same proportion as the other religions; that would far exceed our space.
  • To exceed this proper limit would be to risk causing a disgust on the part of the horse that should be most carefully avoided.
  • The officers' rooms amply exceed all requirements as to housing and equipment....
  • He must act by the same, we exceed the limits of legitimate reasoning, and enter on the region of pure conjecture.
  • The spindles exceed in number those possessed by any State except of course the one in which it is placed.
  • O my friend, do you not see that nothing can exceed our ignorance, and yet we fancy that we are saying something good?
  • The population of the Morumbidgee, as far as we had descended it at this time, did not exceed from ninety to a hundred souls.
  • It is, of course, in their anthropomorphic aspect that the Vedic deities share or exceed the infirmities of mortals.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exceed | Exceed Sentence

  • That nothing could exceed it.
  • I see that to exceed moderation is a sin.
  • At all events the standard should not exceed 2 lbs.
  • The numbers must now exceed two million.
  • These creatures cannot travel to exceed three rods a day.
  • Nothing can exceed the dread which the Purrah inspires.
  • Nothing can exceed the anarchy that has followed in our skies.
  • Don't exceed your time limit.
  • We know that it did not much exceed two hundred tons burden.
  • They are about to open a new mine that is to exceed anything ever known.
  • Still nothing could exceed the sombre and funereal aspect of the spot.
  • The maximum speed must not exceed sixty-five miles per hour.
  • Probably throughout Persia their number does not exceed 8000.
  • Did the noble Franklin's last sufferings exceed even these?
  • Nothing could exceed Sir Colin's kind attentions.
  • Montrose's foreign auxiliaries, who, by the way, did not exceed 600 in all.

Definition of Exceed

(transitive) To be larger, greater than (something). | (transitive) To be better than (something). | (transitive) To go beyond (some limit); to surpass, outstrip or transcend.
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