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  • Joyce excelled him in her power to sustain the role she had marked out for them both.
  • Her husband was in many respects her intellectual superior, but she excelled him in versatility.
  • Francis, as a boxer, excelled in what is known in pugilistic circles as shiftiness.
  • Nera was only twenty-four, but she was clever, and would have excelled in any thing she pleased.
  • His genius in the theory of numbers was probably never excelled except by Fermat.
  • He excelled in portraits, animals, landscapes, and historical and Biblical scenes.
  • Bond Head was pompous, vain and important; the Laird excelled him in these characteristics.
  • Naturally he excelled in still-life painting, in which nothing was too minute for him to endeavor to reproduce on his canvas.
  • Many of its monks excelled as musicians and poets, while others were noted for their skill in calligraphy and the fine arts.
  • Cavigny-Maupre had excelled himself in this the most recent in his long series of masterly miniatures.
  • This also is a clear, concise statement of law and its nature, which is not excelled by the definitions of science.
  • Though he was a man of a great spirit, yet he had a remarkable government of his spirit; and excelled in the government of his tongue.
  • He followed him in style but excelled him in warmth of tone, power, and truthfulness in expressing torchlight effects.
  • He respected them for the qualities in which they excelled him, the hare for his swiftness, the beaver for his skill, the fox for his craftiness.
  • In physique many of them excelled him, but there was a hard, brutal, aggressive look in their otherwise intelligent faces.
  • It is a great thing in any one art or function, even though it were not a great one, to have excelled all the literature of all languages.
  • Some writers point out that Washington excelled rather as a critic of concrete plans than of constitutional and legal aspects.
  • Among all the motorcycles, native and foreign, before which he lingered longer than anywhere else, he saw nothing that excelled his own.
  • The French showed during these terrible months, the spirit of devotion and sacrifice which was never excelled during the war.
  • And so she grew up in this solitude, year by year, till she was of marriageable age; when she excelled all the maidens of her time for beauty.
  • He excelled in all athletic sports, was a capital boxer, and at the same time found little difficulty in maintaining a good rank in his classes.
  • Momotaro finding that he excelled everybody in strength, determined to cross over to the island of the devils, take their riches, and come back.
  • Like her, he excelled in fugitive verses, and seldom attempted, and still more seldom succeeded, in the long or the labored poem.
  • John Shaw excelled himself in the workmanship displayed on the canvas boats; when finished, they fitted their frames admirably.
  • In Roman times the opposite shore may have excelled it; but one does not know the precise form of the ancient coastline.
  • His grades were not of the highest, but he excelled in athletics, going out for football again, besides track, boxing, and wrestling.
  • From a distance it must have looked not unlike a mastaba from Sakkarah or Abousir, which it but slightly excelled in size.
  • The architects of that epoch excelled all their predecessors in the skill with which they used their materials, and the artistic ability with which they laid their plans.
  • Van der Meer was also a splendid portrait-painter and excelled in landscapes, in which he sacrificed figures to trees, cottages, and lanes.

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  • He also excelled as a musician.
  • Another excelled us all when he threw his top.
  • She excelled in this particular method of making mischief.
  • The one excelled in beauty, the other in energy.
  • He excelled in the loving rendering of lowly animal life.
  • No Tribe excelled their morals anywhere.
  • Well, Anne excelled herself.
  • If he excelled in his business, he evidently practiced at all times to do so.
  • At the same time, he had a healthy fondness for sports, and excelled in them.
  • More was the pupil of Grocyn, whom he seems to have excelled in scholarship.
  • Painter excelled him in Designing, or had a better Hand at mixing of Colours.

Definition of Excelled

simple past tense and past participle of excel
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