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  • Each varied excellence of mind.
  • Their excellence was not, however, overlooked by good critics.
  • His Excellence your father's comming hither.
  • Base envy withers at another's joy, And hates that excellence it cannot reach.

How To Use Excellence In A Sentence?

  • The very excellence of this index has been used as a cause of complaint against its compiler.
  • The excellence of his instruments is one striking proof of his capacity and genius.
  • These alone will awaken the love of excellence and call forth the powers of the mind.
  • Turkish coffee owes its excellence to the beans being newly roasted and newly ground.
  • Do your work, respecting the excellence of the work, and not its acceptableness.
  • When we meet her in Homer, she is patroness of moral and physical excellence in man and woman.
  • Your Excellence did banish me the land Because I did suspect her with that fellow.
  • Pasquale Cianfanelli, known even on the London market for the excellence of his Tuscan wines.
  • Even countries remarkable for their industrial enterprise and excellence protect their industries.
  • Of this we have but few remains, and we are obliged to take our ideas of its excellence from the descriptions of ancient authors.
  • This has been done by those more capable of forming an estimate of his rare excellence as a soldier, and of doing it justice by their words.
  • Rich as it appears now that its long empty niches are again repeopled, it is of no remarkable excellence either in mass or in detail.
  • He was famed among connoisseurs for the excellence of his claret, and would never disclose its place of origin.
  • His excellence is facility of adaptation and of transition through many related points, to wide contrasts and extremes.
  • That lasted more or less time according to the excellence of the deceased, whose exploits were mentioned with great exaggeration.
  • This remarkable engine was the Gnome and the reason for its excellence lay in its unusual system of cooling.
  • Upon hearing himself called Excellence the showman began to smile, and became at once kinder and more tractable.
  • He set his wits to work to kill at a long date, like an experimenter who leaves to time the duty of proving the excellence of his invention.
  • It is one excellence of our Constitution, that all our rights of provincial election regard rather property than person.
  • Why should people make distinctions as to birth, or breeding, or wealth, when character and physical excellence meant so much more?
  • But in no city which I have visited in the kingdom, is the general standard of excellence better maintained than in Edinburgh.
  • That they were right seems probable in view of the excellence of the poems and songs that survive among a peasantry that has not been de-educated in the schools.
  • But for other reasons specialized processes might be looked for where qualities were highest, as by specialism alone can the greatest excellence be attained.
  • We have been thus particular in mentioning these names, that those who have not as yet seen the work may form some idea of the excellence of its illustrations.
  • It is claimed that the oranges grown here are the sweetest and best in the world, the same excellence being attributed to its abundant yield of pineapples and other tropical fruits.
  • In this triple service is manifest a high tableland of general excellence rather than a level broken by high and distinct peaks of individual conspicuousness.
  • Its chief claim to attention is its excellence as an example of the gradual additions and successive alterations made to and in old buildings during the long periods of their existence.
  • Indeed, there may be differences of opinion as to the general design of the west front, but there can be none as to the supreme excellence of its detail.
  • The excellence of their material and their workmanship is evidenced by the fact that they continued in service for many years, without a single instance of breakage.
  • But all higher minds are much more akin than they are different: genius is of all ages, and there is perhaps more uniformity in excellence than in mediocrity.
  • It is best to limit it, as has been done above, to the worship of such natural objects as are reverenced not for their own power or excellence but because they are supposed to be occupied each by a spirit.
  • I am sure, you have heard his Excellence did sweare Both of their heads should grace a Kingly beare.
  • The excellence of their work as boys, and as men, and the enjoyment of their lives, in the best sense, depended upon their becoming God-fearing.
  • Once, when John Bunyan had been preaching in London, a friend congratulated him on the excellence of his sermon.
  • The first of these, as we have shown, is the greatest source of wealth, having also the preference as to purity and excellence over any other saccharine production.
  • He then returned to Scotland, having gained a reputation for the excellence of his learning and for the power he possessed of communicating it to others.

Definition of Excellence

The quality of being excellent; brilliance | Something in which one excels. | An excellent or valuable quality; something at which any someone excels; a virtue.
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