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  • In the few exceptional cases the partitions are either of glass or of aluminium.
  • Nevertheless, such exceptional cases do not detract from the wisdom of clean weeding in general.
  • That needs no exceptional soil, but merely a rational culture; and let us see what it means.
  • To begin with, Herr Albert himself undertook the insurance in cases of exceptional importance.
  • Well?" "You are his sister," Deane said, "and you have exceptional facilities.
  • It was possible that he might be of the exceptional breed that puts a fine theory to the test of action.
  • This new or general sense seems only to awaken in exceptional cases and under peculiar circumstances.
  • But they have been for the most part exceptional men, and it is possible they might have done better if they had studied more.
  • His only hope lay in the long record of exceptional work he possessed to his credit in the books of the police.
  • Secondly, it must be set down for the allies that their unexpectedly long task was hampered by exceptional weather.
  • He came to this country and brought with him his energy, enterprise, and his very exceptional scientific endowments.
  • It was experiencing the reaction which so often takes place in a school in the year following a season of exceptional athletic prosperity.
  • Grew is one of the exceptional young men in our diplomatic service, because, he has weathered its snares unspoiled.
  • Amongst the ancient Irish there was a keen knowledge of color and an exceptional appreciation of color values.
  • The mineral matter in water does not, save in very exceptional cases, render the water injurious to the human system.
  • This luminous and doubtless electric phenomenon took place in highly exceptional circumstances, and is the only case recorded in recent times.
  • The gift of literary imitation, or, more simply, of stylist forgery, is granted to him to an exceptional extent.
  • Never, or very seldom, in some exceptional cases, answer a letter by return post, even if the request be made.
  • It is quite exceptional for a babe to be brought up in the East on the bottle; should its mother be unable to nurse it a wet-nurse is procured.
  • The fact of course is, that it exhibits a mixture of the two styles, produced under the exceptional circumstances to which I have alluded.
  • Yet it was not until 1908 that the necessity of exceptional measures to cope with an exceptional situation was tardily and very reluctantly realized.
  • Sincerity, whether in friend or foe, he admires nevertheless; whence the exceptional toleration in Lancashire of all sorts of individual opinions.
  • We should say simply that the prisoner problem was at first beyond their power, that in exceptional cases there were bad officers and in others lack of organisation.
  • Even before the Colonel made his appearance I had begun to see that my enemy, the poodle, occupied an exceptional position in that household.
  • The reported cases were probably exceptional ones, happening in subjects who had been exercising and living on little else than frozen air for perhaps a week.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exceptional | Exceptional Sentence

  • Even in that she is an exceptional creature.
  • Is this an exceptional case?
  • I do not think my lot was a very exceptional one.
  • There are always exceptional people and modes.
  • They were probably exceptional in their native ability.
  • We're exceptional men.
  • Our set was quite exceptional in its socialistic professions.
  • His position altogether had been a peculiar and exceptional one.
  • The exceptional weather pursued us right into the very dock.
  • These are, however, exceptional cases in the families studied.
  • Nor is this an exceptional example of the studied miracles of Keats.
  • The exceptional fact of the period is the genius of Wordsworth.
  • Here also we meet again with the exceptional powers granted to Goethe.
  • It is only the exceptional boy who will get to New York in this way.
  • Despite his exceptional infirmities Mr. Cavanagh could do almost anything.

Definition of Exceptional

Forming an exception; not ordinary; uncommon; rare. | Better than the average; superior due to exception or rarity. | (geometry) Corresponding to something of lower dimension under a birational correspondence.
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