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  • Alas for the excitable nature of my own temperament!
  • In her present excitable mood he was afraid to trust her.
  • The great danger to-day is in excitable suffrage.
  • Cats (S) are excitable (P).
  • The portion of the tube that he was holding quivered in his excitable grasp.
  • People often say how difficult the excitable temperament is to manage.
  • This has a wonderfully soothing effect upon an excitable player.
  • Hetty's excitable heart beat faster and faster.
  • Franzl seized the excitable coffee-pot just in time to save it from falling.
  • How well he had known his opponent's excitable fancy!
  • This should be the case with emotional, nervous, excitable temperaments.
  • A breath, and these sullen, excitable men would hurl themselves upon him.
  • Dear George, unfortunately, was of an excitable disposition.
  • The epithet seemed to add fuel to the excitable Mr Dumville's flame.

How To Use Excitable In A Sentence?

  • Always excitable and often insubordinate, he required the strictest discipline.
  • Involuntarily, her excitable mind tried to penetrate the secret of this double power.
  • Once he astounded by a brief question an excitable young lieutenant, who floundered.
  • The cry of the child in suffering with pain of the stomach is loud, excitable and spasmodic.
  • The news vividly colored by excitable men spread like wild fire through the country.
  • I wonder why she hurried off so quickly; but she seemed in a queer, excitable state.
  • It was impossible to be vainer, more irascible, more quarrelsome, petulant or excitable than he.
  • But directly the excitable little man, Renault, had appeared on the pavement above him.
  • Rose Anderson, an excitable little creature of fifteen, lifted a face white as chalk.
  • He also is a most excitable person, though I admit he never saw your dear aunt in his life.
  • Berta spied the glint of an excitable tear and shrugged the weight of common sense from her shoulders.
  • Election was approaching, and that absorbed all the excitable matter of the people, in spite of the newspapers.
  • He seems to have thought that to a man of his excitable temperament it would be better to pursue his art cloistrally and to avoid competition.
  • I know one mother who has a family of excitable children, which she treats wholly on hygienic principles.
  • It would be so, if the consequence necessarily followed that because people are excitable they must always be in a state of excitement.
  • It must also be remembered that ducks are excitable birds and must be handled and driven carefully so as to disturb them as little as possible.
  • It appears that the man grew more excitable when alone with mamma, and the story he told her was not a cheerful one to hear.
  • His excitable nature took fire at the slightest provocation; but with Robert he was ever reasonable.
  • Recognizing in the delicate and excitable organism before him the possibilities of emotion and imagination, Edward prepared to play.
  • And this was hard for her, with her hot blood and sensitive nerves, her eager, excitable brain and impressionable nature.
  • Such intrepid conduct, could not fail to produce its effect upon a race so excitable as the Indians.
  • Her eager, impetuous, excitable disposition, and many impulsive acts, were as foreign to him as an unknown language.
  • You know that better than I do, but what you perhaps do not know, is, that she is just as excitable about other matters as she is about religion.
  • Under these circumstances, where any other young girl might have grown languid and sorrowful, Sybil became excitable and violent.
  • Moisson too excitable to hear such a confession, she should not have exposed her to nocturnal mysteries that could only tend to increase her excitement!
  • A nervous, excitable man ought to be very slow to undertake either the engine or the Stock Exchange.

Definition of Excitable

Easily excited | (physics) Able to be promoted to an excited state
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