Excited In A Sentence

How To Use Excited In A Sentence?

  • A litter of loose pages at the bottom of the box excited my curiosity but faintly.
  • Dan was so excited that he took three chews of tobacco, one right after the other.
  • He told his story, which, of course, excited both the sympathy and indignation of his hearers.
  • She put aside the plaudits of the Generals; she hushed the excited shouting of the soldiers.
  • At all events, I was more eager than anxious for the morrow, and only restless from excited hope.
  • Here Miss Benette interrupted herself, and I, excited by her accent, looked up simultaneously.
  • The excited nobility then withdrew with rattling weapons and boisterous approbation; only a few petitioners remained behind.
  • He was also so constituted, that certain earthly objects were agreeable to him, and excited his natural appetites and desires.
  • But it was not only my air-cushion and opera-glass which excited the curiosity and wonder of the little and big children at Rettimo.
  • It was the sharp, excited yelping that Guard was wont to make when he had treed game and needed help.
  • We were too young then to see it fully, but her frivolity jarred upon us, though she amused us, and excited our curiosity.
  • Her fellow-travelers eyed Joan with more than the usual interest she invariably excited among strangers; but to no avail.
  • If the sentence Sancho afterwards passed on the purse of the herdsman caused the admiration of all the bystanders, this excited their laughter.
  • She could only hear Teleki, and he was speaking in an unusually excited voice, which rose almost to a scream.
  • But don't get excited and run on the rope this early in the game, Sarge; you'll only throw yourself.
  • The discussion excited my curiosity, and I made up my mind to satisfy myself on the subject, if possible, by occular demonstration.
  • Their giggling, however, excited his suspicions, and, seeing them peep around the corner, he suddenly became a model of virtuous inactivity.
  • Unless I was excited or speaking to the mind of some particular person in the house, I was apt to lose my feeling of an auditor.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Excited | Excited Sentence

  • He was too excited and uneasy.
  • Siosteen nods an excited assent.
  • She became more and more excited and distressed.
  • My discourse both touched and excited him.
  • Cinderella was so excited that she could scarcely speak.
  • Pep gave utterance to an excited whistle.
  • He was restless and excited and could not sleep.
  • And he feels excited by the danger, too.
  • These trial-days I was excited from my usual calmness.
  • Mrs. Brown immediately became excited and anxious to hear.
  • Even the brass buttons of the infidels excited their cupidity.
  • He was too excited at the near fruition that awaited his hopes.
  • He looked at my excited face with those red-brown eyes of his.
  • Some alarm was excited on the first occasion that it turned bell-ringer.
  • All wet and shaken and excited and out of breath, he does get on board.
  • Byrne was quite disconcerted by their excited behaviour. . .
  • To the excited vision of the enthusiastic Pep the result was a burst of glory.
  • This was too much for the people of New Leeds in their excited condition.
  • Randy looked eager and Pep excited as Frank came out on the sidewalk.
  • Little by little he excited Mrs. Wentworth's jealousy.
  • Joan's flow of excited babble paused as she herself saw this vehicle.
  • Whatever happens, Sarge, don't get excited and go to shooting.

Definition of Excited

Having great enthusiasm. | (physics) Being in a state of higher energy. | Having an erection; erect.
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