Exclaimed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exclaimed | Exclaimed Sentence

  • I exclaimed under my breath.
  • Eustace exclaimed irritably.
  • Philippa exclaimed bitterly.
  • I exclaimed in alarm.
  • Philippa exclaimed pathetically.
  • Philippa exclaimed ruefully.
  • Louise exclaimed in a tense whisper.
  • Winthrop exclaimed at these strange tactics.
  • Then she exclaimed and was erect and all propriety.
  • Brook exclaimed to his wife and gulped his wine.
  • James exclaimed in astonishment, as she pressed forward.
  • Rusty Wren exclaimed abruptly.
  • Sir Henry exclaimed irritably.
  • Miss Jenny exclaimed when she saw it.
  • Truxton King had exclaimed at this point in her narrative.
  • Mr. Sarsby exclaimed weakly.
  • The Editor exclaimed at so much modesty.
  • The children exclaimed over their "pretty mama.
  • She considered the point for some minutes, and then exclaimed aloud.
  • I exclaimed on my return from discovering the old barrel and tea-chests.
  • I must see him," exclaimed the man.
  • What a howl!" exclaimed the man, laughing.
  • Why?" exclaimed Byrne.
  • His leg?" exclaimed Anne.
  • Dolly," exclaimed her father, "you remind me all the time of your mother.
  • He has no right to order me," exclaimed Mark.
  • Jimmy whirled about. "Jones!" he exclaimed in the utmost surprise.
  • She's wif yo' folks," exclaimed Delia.
  • If I had just walked a few steps farther," exclaimed Judy.
  • Simmy, Simmy," he exclaimed aloud, "you were born under an unkindly planet.
  • Oh, let me look at them," exclaimed Lady Oldfield.
  • Oh, Bianca," exclaimed I, "at length I can claim you for my own.
  • Ah, that's not so pleasant," he exclaimed suddenly.
  • What son of a dog is this, to sit in our presence?" exclaimed the pacha.
  • It's a present," exclaimed Faith.
  • Albert after a short silence exclaimed with great emphasis:

How To Use Exclaimed In A Sentence?

  • I exclaimed in the strangely conscious silence that fell between Mills and Blunt.
  • I exclaimed about it, but Susy said she could see nothing there, neither cat nor table-cloth.
  • Eustace exclaimed aloud, shrinking back sharply with a quick horror of being entrapped by it himself.
  • The two women exclaimed under their breaths to each other and moved farther away, as if from an impending explosion.

Definition of Exclaimed

simple past tense and past participle of exclaim
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