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How To Use Exclaims In A Sentence?

  • His very limbs, exclaims one foreign admirer, "glowed with warm pink" through his delicately woven tennis costume.
  • Philip has ever done, yet the boy bore it manfully, though he shrinks and exclaims the moment Philip touches him.
  • As soon as she sees me, she exclaims with rapid joy, "Ah! this is a good-looking man!
  • Natalie exclaims as she takes in her arms the dripping child, wet to the skin, and white as a sheet, every bit of clothing soaked, saturated.
  • To remain unintelligible to such a mind, exclaims Schelling on a like occasion, is honor and a good name before God and man.
  • Mr. Gower!" exclaims Dulce, in soft tones of wonder, and with a somewhat mocking smile.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exclaims | Exclaims Sentence

  • Everybody exclaims at his stoutness.
  • A voice exclaims feebly.
  • St. Cyril exclaims loudly against him.
  • The "laughing flowers," exclaims the poet!
  • The "laughing flowers," exclaims the poet.
  • The woman's mad!' exclaims the King.
  • I bet you tasted it, exclaims WALTER.
  • I am one fool," exclaims the Gaul.
  • Why, James, exclaims MOTHER, what are you doing?
  • Haggart exclaims cheerfully and harshly: "Eh, Khorre.
  • Oh, I remember, exclaims GERTRUDE.
  • And I must be going this very minute, exclaims SANTA CLAUS.
  • I'm all out of breath, exclaims FATHER, panting.
  • What has happened?" exclaims Margaret, pressing the girl to her.
  • What can I do to move you?" exclaims he, in a low tone, but one that trembles.
  • Why, I don't understand it all, exclaims MOTHER.
  • Then suddenly exclaims the dauntless Sioux, "Listen, my friend!

Definition of Exclaims

plural of exclaim
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