Exclamation In A Sentence

How To Use Exclamation In A Sentence?

  • Then with a sudden exclamation of impatience his desire for revenge urged him on.
  • He sprang to his feet with an exclamation and looked at the spot he had occupied.
  • The men charged with the work gave a sudden exclamation when they reached the canoes.
  • This exclamation was caused by Lawrence and the advance guard charging down upon them.
  • At sight of the interior Frank could not suppress an exclamation of astonishment.
  • Suddenly Philippa, who had been listening, gave a little exclamation of relief.
  • With that he uttered an exclamation in Arabic, and hurried in the direction of the Tiber.
  • At this moment there came a sudden exclamation from Captain Glenn, who was slightly ahead.
  • Renouard's violent but repressed exclamation was lost in a general murmur and shuffle of feet.
  • Yet the sudden exclamation of startled surprise which escaped him aroused within me a belief that my words had given him some mysterious clue.
  • He spied a pair of fine field glasses lying on the ground, and picked them up with an exclamation of delight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exclamation | Exclamation Sentence

  • Bill gave an exclamation of impatience.
  • Joan gave an exclamation of dismay.
  • There was an exclamation from every one.
  • They both gave an exclamation of delighted wonder.
  • He gave an exclamation and turned quickly.
  • As he read it he uttered an exclamation of surprise.
  • The exclamation soon became general.
  • It was not so much an exclamation as a reverent entreaty.
  • He gave an exclamation as he pushed back his chair.
  • She gave an exclamation of something like anger.
  • The young man uttered an exclamation of surprise.
  • And the woman gave a sharp exclamation of disgust.
  • An exclamation of surprise was heard too, from within.
  • The Vicar made an exclamation of impatience.
  • Miss Greene gave a little exclamation of annoyance.
  • Mrs. Yorke gave an exclamation of surprise.
  • Miss Ellen eut une exclamation de rage.
  • Judith gave an exclamation of pleasure as she stood on the threshold.
  • Philippa glanced up from her work with a little exclamation of surprise.
  • The young girl glanced at it and then uttered an exclamation of surprise.
  • This last phrase was provoked by an exclamation of sympathy on her part.
  • The squire uttered a short exclamation of surprise and anger.
  • She stooped to collect them, and gave an exclamation of surprise.
  • There was a rustling in the bushes, an angry exclamation as well as a groan.
  • With a sharp exclamation Gray sprang out of bed and made a dash at him.
  • Every point brought a suppressed exclamation from Whispering Smith.
  • An exclamation from the blacks for'ard sent both men glancing seaward.
  • The man's final exclamation came as one of his horses stumbled.
  • To Marion's exclamation of surprise she returned only a laugh.

Definition of Exclamation

A loud calling or crying out, for example as in surprise, pain, grief, joy, anger, etc. | A word expressing outcry; an interjection | A clause type used to make an exclamatory statement: What a mess they made!; How stupid I was!
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