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How To Use Exclude In A Sentence?

  • But was it necessary altogether to exclude such instruction from our schools and colleges?
  • We have been obliged, however, to exclude from this correlation the mental phenomena.
  • Hence Plato would not exclude women from the same education which man receives.
  • And what is there in this extension of the argument that should exclude the idea of a First Cause?
  • Forgive me, but I could not bring Miss Valery into our family councils and exclude my own wife.
  • This uniformity does not exclude the fact that the patients too may show a manifoldness of mental states.
  • The will is first called in requisition to exclude interfering outward impressions and alien trains of thought.
  • A tariff that will exclude our goods has been established; the only way left to pay is by acting as carriers on the seas!
  • But that does not exclude the fact that indeed almost mysterious cures can be made without really contradicting the scientific theories.
  • These various hypotheses are contradictory enough from a logical point of view; they exclude and destroy one another.
  • The conditions on which this money is given are certainly not such as to exclude the children of Uitlanders from its benefits.
  • Naturally, the merchant resents any developments which exclude him, and some mild forms of boycott have occasionally been instituted.
  • Many parents have a great dread of the night air; and exclude it from their chambers, as sedulously as if it were infected with poison.
  • This, however, does not exclude the element of compulsion in all its forms, both the most gentle and the extremely severe.
  • Why fill, with the veriest baubles of this unsubstantial scene, hearts already too much inclined to exclude their rightful possessor?
  • This does not, however, exclude the principle of mechanism, and to investigate mechanical causes is part of the duty of science.
  • Paraffin is used in polishing, in laundry work, for waxing floors, and as a covering to exclude air in preserving articles.
  • How could you exclude from this referendum the hundreds of thousands of Germans who have come to Alsace?
  • It is to Zeus Cronion that the swineherd chiefly prays, but he does not exclude the others from his supplication.
  • At first it might exclude all but ten, eight, seven, and so on; finally, as integrated it would exclude all.
  • It follows, therefore, that no trouble need be taken to exclude light, although the necessity for excluding direct sunshine still exists.
  • We shall not trace it up to God, as before, but we shall banish all virtue quite out of the world, and exclude it from the universality of things.
  • I have just now said that I have had a peculiar concern for the young people; and in so saying I did not intend to exclude you.
  • He thought that it was contrary to the spirit of the laws of gravitation to exclude any planet from office on account of the eccentricity or inclination of his orbit.
  • To begin at the beginning, the usefulness of psychical treatment does not at all exclude the strong desirability of physical treatment at the same time.
  • The advanced Puritans sought to exclude from Christian worship everything pleasing to the aesthetic sense, confounding bareness with simplicity.
  • St. Paul's wholesale trade, if we exclude lumber and flour, is greater than that of Minneapolis.
  • But I doubt if there is any reasonable definition of poetry which would exclude even Pope the "essayist" from the circle of the poets.
  • But that could not entirely exclude his jealousy over my sympathetic relation with the "Southern Lady," as the artworkers termed her.
  • He would exclude all dissimilarity, forgetting that analogy denotes a certain relation between two or more things which in other respects may be entirely different.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exclude | Exclude Sentence

  • Letty was determined to exclude her.
  • It should be well covered to exclude the air.
  • I see; you would exclude all others from the sitting.
  • Similarly, Being cannot totally exclude not-being.
  • But excluding One, I exclude the Whole.
  • But this does not exclude the fact that lower beings have each its own end.
  • Do they desire us to exclude their princes, their clergy, their nobility?
  • This jollity, however, did not exclude topics of interesting talk.
  • Do not bind it too tightly, but just sufficient to exclude air, sun, and wet.
  • As a matter of course, I exclude the possibility of identifying the patient.

Definition of Exclude

(transitive) To bar (someone) from entering; to keep out. | (transitive) To expel; to put out. | (transitive) To omit from consideration.
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