Excruciatingly In A Sentence

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  • It was excruciatingly funny!
  • Sometimes he is excruciatingly funny, and then he disgusts me.
  • Some were excruciatingly alive to the situation; others were in a daze.

How To Use Excruciatingly In A Sentence?

  • He gave vent to his pent-up feelings by being excruciatingly polite, which is rude.
  • His mule was a long-limbed, raw-boned animal, whose gait never varied from an excruciatingly hard trot.
  • The young athlete who wants to get his muscles in good condition knows that he must pass through a period of soreness and tenderness, sometimes of almost excruciatingly painful character.

Definition of Excruciatingly

In a manner causing great pain or anguish; in an excruciating manner or to an excruciating degree. | In a very intense or extreme manner.
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