Excursions In A Sentence

Definition of Excursions

plural of excursion

How To Use Excursions In A Sentence?

  • The guests were at the theatre, on excursions in the neighborhood, or dining about the park.
  • Many of the excursions from Aix have a little restaurant as the point to be reached.
  • He made some wonderful excursions into the realm of the bizarre, the uncanny, and the gruesome.
  • Almost daily they indulged in excursions in the environs, the Prussian acting as guide.
  • Branch excursions may be made towards the Hampshire border and to Chiddingfold country.
  • Of other birds of any kind I heard or saw little on my excursions through Crete.
  • They were a series of excursions which he was accustomed to describe as hunting expeditions for the stocking of our larder.
  • They make long and fatiguing excursions in search of precious materials which all the while are concealed in their own breasts.
  • In all excursions to the woods or to the shore, the student of ornithology has an advantage over his companions.
  • These excursions from the primary line of research were of great value in broadening the basis of his knowledge.
  • These excursions preyed upon her mind, so that at last she resolved to challenge him regarding them.
  • In these excursions they often meet with other trains from an opposite direction, when both join in one.
  • Many weeks passed in different occupations about the tree, and many shooting excursions were undertaken.
  • If the excursions to the probate court and the trust company had roused expectations of change in their condition, they were to be disappointed.
  • We had a great deal of swimming in the lake, and several motor-boat excursions to its beautiful upper reaches.
  • The spirit, even if the body cannot go with it, comes back refreshed by these excursions to the country.
  • Horses were likewise prepared for his guests, whenever they chose to accompany him, or to amuse themselves by excursions into the country.
  • Upon this, the third day of junketing, it was tiresome to have to restrain oneself even from such innocent excursions of fancy.
  • Among the summer pleasures of the young people picnics still rank high, and picnic excursions by steamboat or sloop highest of all.
  • His excursions upward are limited, for he could not live near the surface heights of this ocean, vast and deep and boundless.
  • The greater number, however, take no harm by the excursions into the various departments of vice which it is incumbent upon them to study.
  • Such excursions on historic grounds," said he, "are interesting and instructive to the historical inquirer.
  • Through all his curious excursions of feeling he expected her always to follow, and Dolly tried to follow as she was expected.
  • There seems to be a law, or rather a habit pertaining to forest life, into which every one falls, while upon excursions such as ours.
  • The excursions ran coaches, parlor-cars, dining-cars and sleeping-cars, and did a land-office business.
  • Either one stayed in the village, like a lodged stone, or one made random excursions into the world, across the world.
  • She affected art and lectures, and excursions to mountains, and campings-out, and unconventionalities, and no doubt had a good time in her way.
  • During his last excursions into the plain, either by himself or with Carefinotu, Godfrey had seen no wild animal.
  • The woollen stuffs found in the box were used during the few excursions necessary for revictualling, until the weather became so bad that even these were forbidden.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Excursions | Excursions Sentence

  • All their pleasure excursions had been equally delightful.
  • They weren't fishing excursions at all.
  • His fishing excursions from here have been of the same order, only more so.
  • These alpine excursions incontestably deserve the name of perilous ascents!
  • We may do much the same thing with profit in our excursions among books.
  • Of course he had lots of chances, going on excursions as they were every day.
  • These were immense excursions for the spirit of a young person at Mrs.
  • Dolly had started away from her vague excursions when the Epistle ended.
  • Sir Henry Cranton's fishing excursions are myths.
  • Yet the Watertown & Rome Railroad needed no excursions for its prosperity.
  • And these excursions all had one object:--to find Kahwa.

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