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  • The most excusable parents are those who try to correct their own faults in their offspring.
  • I do not think Christina suffered, more than a little natural and very excusable mortification.
  • There is one excusable addition to the personal charms and that is where nature has denied the grace of luxuriant locks.
  • Despite my excusable anger and vexation, the calm and friendly explanation of the professor was not without its effect on me.
  • Many of what are called the "upper" classes are no more excusable than the "lower.
  • In conversing with a foreigner who may be learning our language, it is excusable to help him in some delicate way.
  • Nevertheless, to go silly over a mediocre innovation is far more excusable than to be taken in by its equivalent in a familiar style.
  • And some of us at home went more than half-way to meet him, imitating an attitude excusable in him but not in us.
  • If my zeal has already outrun discretion, pardon me, and attribute my officiousness to an excusable motive.
  • And there lies his error and failure; very lamentable, excusable only by decrepitude of body producing weakness and decay of mind.
  • A horse is excusable for being a horse and not a man; but, nevertheless, he must needs be a horse and not a man.
  • In speaking thus I gave way to an indignant impulse very excusable in the eyes of anybody who is acquainted with my position here.
  • His naturally open disposition was warmed besides, owing to a slight misconception he had fallen into, perfectly excusable however in a foreigner.
  • Calico did his part with only a few excusable blunders, and she was so pleased that he got the apples and sugarplums which usually rewarded the grays.
  • I wouldn't believe him; I think I was excusable for questioning his infallibility then and there.
  • The world will say you might have been excusable not to release her, but you had no right to hurry her before the public with needless and brutal precipitation.
  • Equally characteristic and less excusable was his acceptance of the pension of ten thousand maravedis which had been offered to the member of the expedition who should first sight land.
  • I was fortunate enough to be on hand, and indulged in some excusable banter when the tardy members of our company rode up after we were a mile or two on the way.
  • A good many customers had to be attended to, so that it was excusable to stand inside the door way and watch what was taking place on the other side of the road.
  • Of course, this shrinking from the brutal vivacity and brutal variety of common men is a perfectly reasonable and excusable thing as long as it does not pretend to any point of superiority.
  • She stood silently before it, reflecting, with excusable ill-nature, that neither Will nor Alice knew the secret of its spring.
  • The lieutenant was evidently not posted on the history of the region, and the Yuma was excusable for not having a memory that went back eighty years.
  • After tea she invited her nephew and niece to a stroll through her garden, while she exhibited her pets with a very excusable pride in their variety, beauty, and fragrance.
  • He must rise above a partiality which deems itself excusable because it proceeds from national pride; and, finally, he must seek with patience for what has gone before.
  • Even the thoughtless rebuke of the Gimpke girl seemed excusable from her lips, and Rosie Gimpke looked at her with unblinking eyes.
  • In Europe this is right in dress; and men who have not an opportunity of learning the just rules of our language are in some degree excusable for imitating those whom they consider as superiors.
  • The political structure has often, as in our own case, been pulled down by an excusable impatience of the people; but seldom has it been repaired with such solidity, and just adaption to their wants.
  • There is no doubt that they are extremely poor, and terribly ground down, and many of their very numerous vices are, to a certain extent, excusable upon this score.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Excusable | Excusable Sentence

  • It is quite excusable at his age.
  • Aunt Ann thought it was excusable in so busy a man.
  • Scandal is the least excusable of all conversational vulgarities.
  • This would be much more excusable in a chameleon like me.
  • Some degree of triumph would perhaps have been excusable in the new owner.
  • When one has seen him, everything is excusable and everything is right.
  • Mr. McBride felt the tribute, and his heart swelled with excusable pride.

Definition of Excusable

possible to excuse
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