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  • The executive fell into no errors.
  • He requires executive talent of no mean order.
  • Her executive ability stood them both in good stead.
  • With that assurance we left the Executive Mansion.
  • She had never failed before in the smallest detail of executive policy.
  • He always looks to me to be the youngest man on the whole executive staff.
  • So far as the executive was concerned, the rebellion was by no means over.
  • Tom Emmett saw at once that the executive had won a double victory.

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  • Just what was it that she had hoped to accomplish with this fling at executive altruism?
  • Special meetings may be called at the election of the executive committee.
  • Now the general court of the adventurers was to govern, with the council as its executive agency.
  • This mysterious character enhanced its value in a legal system deficient in executive power.
  • The meetings of the League shall be held at the call of the executive committee.
  • Legislation, judicature, and executive are something completely formal, empty, and contentless....
  • The Executive Committee shall select the date and fix the place of every meeting.
  • The junta appointed an executive body of three, of whom General Almonte was the head.
  • He left there on October 1, 1906, to assume executive charge of the Boston & Albany.
  • It is part of the burden of the executive head that he must do the forethinking not only for himself but for those under him.
  • These were executive divisions and not to be confused with the riders' divisions.
  • She had no complaint to make now of the usurpation of her authority or the lack of actual executive service that was required of her.
  • For a moment he refers to the well-known distinction of the legislative, judicial and executive powers.
  • But he was a man of marked executive ability, and when occasion demanded he wielded a facile and ready pen.
  • The man may have executive ability, and it is possible that he may give us an efficient administration.
  • And the strange thing about her was that she really had the executive ability and the clear mind, as well as the gentle and amiable spirit.
  • The Executive shook its wig and declared that to stop so awful a scandal any means were permissible.
  • There was no federal executive or judiciary, nor any provision for enforcing the votes of the Congress.
  • For his "secret will," or rather his executive will, is always in perfect harmony with his revealed will.
  • To be sure, they had not yet had among them men of executive and organizing minds, but the fulness of years had now brought this latter privilege.
  • She had, in some respects, a masterly brain, and her executive abilities were somewhat thrown away in her comparatively humble sphere.
  • It was thought that united action on the part of the legislative and executive branches of the government would produce some impression on Spain.
  • Any county organization may become a member of the federation by recommendation of the Executive Committee.
  • Until the Buchanan administration all negotiations for the purchase of Cuba had been undertaken on the authority of the executive alone.
  • They were hired at salaries varying from $50.00 to $150.00 per month, the riders receiving the highest pay of any below executive rank.
  • It may be that the adventurers sitting on the Virginia Council functioned also in the character of an executive committee for their fellows.
  • There is one pretty keen railroad executive in the land who remembers his joy at being promoted to Despatcher on the old Rome road.
  • Not many months before his death Mr. Sumner made a speech in executive session that was conciliatory and just in a marked degree.
  • The Executive Committee shall be composed of the president, the secretary-treasurer, and the presidents of the component organizations.
  • Consequently a destruction of this region of the brain or the fibres which proceed from it to the lower executive bulbar and spinal centres is followed by paralysis of the muscles of the opposite side.
  • Still there were ways and ways, and after thinking over all the dubious tricks of the cow camp he called in his faithful friends and they went into executive session.
  • Dr. Gregory B. Newby Chief Executive and Director gbnewby@pglaf.org Section 4.

Definition of Executive

Designed or fitted for execution, or carrying into effect. | Of, pertaining to, or having responsibility for the day-to-day running of an organisation, business, country, etc. | Exclusive.
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