Exercised In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exercised | Exercised Sentence

  • Yet she was exercised about something.
  • That exercised your fancy.
  • Eddy was greatly exercised over it.
  • The muscles should be exercised in the light.
  • Discretion should be exercised in introducing persons.
  • Great caution should be exercised in this matter.
  • Meanwhile he exercised a hilarious patience.
  • She exercised an irresistible attraction over him.
  • But the greatest care was not exercised in this.
  • The riders themselves exercised their horses.
  • Therefore great care should be exercised in selection.
  • It exercised virtually sovereign powers.
  • America was exercised then by questions of awful moment.
  • The world was greatly exercised by that problem.
  • For once the press had exercised laudable restraint.
  • He exercised persistently and kept his boyish figure.
  • Still they exercised powerful influence in many ways.
  • A faculty of mind exercised grows with its use.
  • The trade here exercised is mostly in hides and tobacco.
  • The vast range of powers exercised by the states.
  • This spectacle exercised a strange power over my feelings.
  • The international situation exercised us greatly.
  • I asked if she exercised an active rule over these people.
  • The compulsion may be exercised in many ways.
  • She had exercised no arts; she had practised no wiles.
  • He exercised me before I got through with it.
  • Mr Spence exercised his discretion.
  • Porfirio Diaz possessed and exercised both.
  • Some functions of sovereignty exercised by the Congress.
  • Adam Colfax exercised a stern discipline.
  • Still, Lombard might have exercised it at another time.
  • John Turner had his Art, and now exercised it.
  • Heretofore he has not exercised his own mind on these subjects.
  • The fascination that she had exercised over him would return.
  • Benevolence is to be exercised towards the reputation of others.

How To Use Exercised In A Sentence?

  • Power of appointment is exercised by the governor and council.
  • But is reason exercised only on the condition of reflection?
  • He will only be exercised at the gallop at the end of each lesson.
  • I have not forgotten how kindly you exercised it in my behalf.
  • Much ingenuity was exercised in the making of these dwellings.

Definition of Exercised

simple past tense and past participle of exercise
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