Exercises in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exercises

1. These exercises evidently give him great pleasure. 🔊

2. That chapel is intended for the exercises of the tertiaries. 🔊

3. Government exercises a tender supervision of the nomenclature of our navy. 🔊

4. English Grammar Exercises R. MORRIS. 🔊

How to use Exercises in Sentences?

1. I had before found the exercises of the cloister wearisome; they now became intolerable. 🔊

2. As these exercises are somewhat extreme, the student is recommended to practice them prudently. 🔊

3. Four types of valuable exercises may be suggested in the use of this book: 1. 🔊

4. On Tuesday afternoon the graduating exercises of the grammar department were held. 🔊

5. Eloquence, with them, is lawful magic: it exercises over their minds an irresistible influence. 🔊

6. The first dances are usually simple exercises calculated to warm the blood and stretch stiffened muscles. 🔊

7. They believe that, according to his lights, he exercises faithfully what he considers to be his prerogatives. 🔊

8. He should always know what his vocal exercises are for, what relation they have to the interpreting and symbolizing of thought and feeling. 🔊

9. But there was, he said, a peculiar magic in these grammatical exercises no other subjects of instruction possessed. 🔊

10. In all other modes of health culture there is a great deal of time consumed in certain exercises that are certain to be given up in time. 🔊

11. After some evolutions with all the troops assembled, the bugle signalled that the exercises for the day were over, and commanded the retreat. 🔊

12. This change in colour, is attributable, solely to the unlimited power which the slave owner exercises over his victim. 🔊

13. We have gone back for a season to the freedom, the sports, the sights, the exercises which delighted our boyhood. 🔊

14. They helped, no doubt, to redress a balance, but many of them were the merest exercises in intellectual rebellion. 🔊