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  • Nature exert her vital energy?
  • I shall exert my efforts in your behalf.
  • Of course I could exert strong influence on Colonel House.
  • And love o'er such a knight exert his tyrant power!
  • She ate a few mouthfuls of bread, but could not exert herself to make tea.
  • But, even if it did, what influence would it exert on our present happiness?
  • But you have great influence over my son Frank; and want you to exert it.
  • However, Cardot says he means to exert his paternal authority.
  • No spiritual control myself will bear, Since my own spirit can exert no sway.

How To Use Exert In A Sentence?

  • It is a mistake to think that these unknown brains can only exert their influence on a few of us.
  • They have educated the few to exert authority, and have trained the many to obey.
  • We do not think heroes can exert any more awful power than that surface-play which amuses us.
  • The psychology of suggestion has suffered too much by the fascination which its most complex forms exert on a trivial curiosity.
  • The power and possession which surround them are their own creation, and they exert the same commanding industry at this moment.
  • Indeed, it was necessary to exert every thew and sinew if the animal were to be prevented from tearing him to pieces.
  • If you are truly desirous to exert this influence, you will let your companions see it in your daily walk and conversation.
  • Not until later does the mechanical difficulty of articulation exert an influence, and this comes in at the learning of the compound sounds.
  • A cessation of the current will allow the spring to exert itself and throw the tapper back into engagement with the left-hand gong.
  • They exert every variety of talent on a lower ground, and may be said to live and act in a sub-mind.
  • They seem to the members of their group to enjoy very real power, and they are often expected to grant favors and to exert influence.
  • The helpful influence which psychical factors can exert in the asylums for the insane is, as we emphasized, entirely secondary.
  • Then, making a sudden dive, she leaves the little ones afloat and obliged to exert their own powers.
  • He had adopted that method while carrying the girl already on the rock, and the force of the gale had seemed to exert less drag on his arms.
  • Hence, we shall endeavour to meet all such objections as may occur to us, provided they can be supposed to exert any influence over the mind.
  • From a very early age, too, she had to exert herself in another capacity; she had to counsel and help and generally sustain her mother.
  • Clearly our national policy demanded that we should exert all the force we could collect to make certain a German defeat.
  • But towards the second day, she required me, too, to exert myself; and then all my heavy despair returned.
  • Moreover, the personal factor is so large that, as far as the knives in common use are concerned, it appears to exert the greatest influence.
  • He made up his mind to talk seriously to Alan; he had a high opinion of his judgment and intelligence when he cared to exert those qualities.
  • Dominating, coarse-minded people, and people who exert undue influence over others, generally have broad, flat thumbs.
  • In addition to the solar influence, the worlds exert a mutual attraction upon each other that slightly deranges the harmony ordered by the Sun.
  • He had exhausted his limited stock of spurious politeness in distracting her attention, and now that the end was gained was not inclined to exert himself further.
  • And, as my father became less able to exert himself, Torwood came forward more, and was something substantial to lean upon.
  • The following is an example of the diseases of this class, and it will show the influence which they are liable to exert in the development of certain forms of superstition.
  • Indeed it appeared to be altogether probable that the war would end before the United States could exert any material influence upon the outcome.
  • Upon this she pretended to sulk, in hopes that Madame de Maintenon would exert all her influence; but in this she was mistaken.
  • The necessary magnetism which constantly enables the cores to exert a pull upon the diaphragm is provided by the battery which is inserted serially in the line.
  • You deny yourself these little pleasures; and that is a good habit in itself, to say nothing of the industry and energy you have to exert in working.
  • They exert themselves to the utmost, and have no assistance in the way of practical gangers and platelayers, and have neither tools nor conveniences of any kind.
  • On the other element she has begun to exert herself; and she must succeed in her designs, if enemies very different from those she has hitherto had to encounter do not resist her.

Definition of Exert

To put in vigorous action. | To make use of, to apply, especially of something non-material.
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