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  • Even this is far from exhausting the matter.
  • Was she exhausting her ill-humor in those stormy sounds?
  • Edwards was not in the habit of exhausting the attention of his audience.
  • We have before observed that tobacco is a very exhausting crop to the soil.
  • The conditions of the march, too, were exhausting even to themselves.
  • This simmering, oily, exhausting temperature carried us close to the line.
  • I only hope I managed to get through without exhausting your patience.

How To Use Exhausting In A Sentence?

  • But these four aspects of energy are far from exhausting all the varieties of its manifestation.
  • The hummingbirds and oleander came to grow as commonplace and exhausting as the rain.
  • The effort of mind and heart thus put forth was exhausting to his feeble frame.
  • By this time the boys had reached the cabin, after an exhausting journey over the moraine.
  • They were generally very ready for sleep by then, after their long, exhausting day.
  • But he could not sleep, though weary enough with the exhausting labours of many days.
  • Never in all my twenty-five years of life have I passed a busier or more exhausting day.
  • After exhausting himself with his furious endeavours, he went down, and I saw him no more.
  • But that does not contradict the other fact that pain is exhausting and that the fight against the pain decreases the resistance of the organism.
  • It will be obvious that the divisions between these are not fixed, and that they are far from exhausting the full number of varieties.
  • The paternal thoughtfulness of the home government employed itself in relieving the colonist from such exhausting drafts upon his energies.
  • Again we had an exhausting trek over a burning sandy plain; the heat of this day was something terrible.
  • Thus poetical composition is the most intense, the most exciting, and therefore the most exhausting of mental exercises.
  • As it is no uncommon event to take four wives at once, this horsewhipping is naturally rather exhausting for the husband.
  • The other states could keep up the present production for many years but could not greatly increase it without exhausting the supply.
  • Then reflect that a number of people as great as the whole of this class may be found in one town exhausting the dregs of destitution.
  • The last three miles of the journey were very exhausting to them both, for it was now noon, and the sun was intensely hot.
  • He leaped out to see what had happened, and, after a few perplexed and exhausting moments, remembered.
  • The horse was exhausting itself rapidly with its efforts merely to keep its nose out, making no further attempt to swim toward the bank.
  • It had been exhausting work, indeed, for one woman, though she had been around the world, making war on two armies.
  • The exhausting character of life in London, and the mere vastness of its geographical area, do something to produce this result.
  • After exhausting the list, we find the most popular woman possesses, in a high degree, the quality of tactful, or diplomatic flattery.
  • It was hard, exhausting work between decks, and at the end of an hour Larry felt he must have some fresh air.
  • It is, however, not to be called a disease: unless it proceeds to an exhausting degree, it must be looked upon as favorable and salutary.
  • If I, blaming, achieve some approach to kindliness, it is only by a great and exhausting effort of self-mastery.
  • He returned to New York from an exhausting campaign, depressed in spirit and weary in body and in mind.
  • Now running, now walking, advancing as fast as he could without exhausting himself, Charley hastened toward the fire.
  • Glancing back on all these toils, I rejoice that such exhausting demands are no longer made on our newly-arrived Missionaries.
  • To Hungay was given the honor of entertaining me over the Sunday, a pleasant rest after a week of arduous and exhausting walking.
  • He believes that it was the exhausting heat of the day which weakened him to a point where the story of his patient affected him very strongly and made him think of it all the time.
  • Whatever it may be, there is something in prolonged sewing which is remarkably exhausting to the strength, and irritating beyond endurance to the nerves.
  • Some days may be spent in this pleasant town without exhausting its interest and charm and the cathedral cannot be seen in one visit without fatigue.
  • After exhausting every possible advance of pay from newspapers, magazines, and publishers, Etienne knew not of what ink he could churn gold.

Definition of Exhausting

Very tiring. | present participle of exhaust
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