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How To Use Exhibit In A Sentence?

  • I never heard any other mortal exhibit such enthusiasm over an elegant dissection.
  • In the close intercourse of the home circle they exhibit themselves in their true colors.
  • The light displayed was very different from that which they exhibit in warm summer months.
  • Loose specimens of rubber prepared during that decade still exhibit no signs of mildew growth.
  • The tall burglar and the young man now began to exhibit a good deal of anxiety.
  • He had taken it to Vienna to exhibit it as a curiosity to some of his mechanical friends.
  • The inner mouldings of the arches exhibit the "dog-tooth" ornamentation of their period.
  • Its consummate discretion and success exhibit the English skill of combination.
  • But it would be hard to ask believers in the Indian theory to exhibit such survivals.
  • But whether the Revolution would everywhere exhibit the same characteristics is highly doubtful.
  • In many cases Granges as organizations will exhibit at the ordinary county or district fair.
  • The country said that the Asquith Administration must be given a chance to exhibit its mettle.
  • With the "question" at issue we have, at present, nothing to do; and with the arguments so far only as they exhibit the men.
  • And the attempt is made to exhibit the great manifestations of human piety in their genealogical connection.
  • Perhaps at no point do parents exhibit less ability for sympathetic reconstruction and interpretation of their own lives than here.
  • By this time she would have returned from bathing and he would go down and exhibit the cabbage roses.
  • Talks or demonstrations are given each week, and an exhibit in the window during the week corresponds with the subject.
  • It is in this condition that persons in magnetic sleep exhibit in the highest degree the magic phenomena of magnetism.
  • Then we may exhibit him in his true nature, first to ourselves and then to kindred dialectical spirits.
  • In minutes a wail of sirens and roar of arriving motors was satisfyingly loud in the main exhibit room.
  • The Interstate Aeroplane Co. wanted to exhibit its Baby Racer, a novel biplane.
  • An accurate census of Bulgaria is being prepared and will exhibit the cases of long life in that country.
  • Educational rallies are held in many of the townships, at which effort is made to get together all the citizens and have an exhibit of school work.
  • Likewise, the slime mould growing in damp fields and forests all around us can exhibit remarkably coordinated behaviour.
  • They exhibit the same illusion, pass by the same way, obtain the same success, and are soon swallowed up in the same gulf.
  • Other nations exhibit these qualities in their literature, and Ireland herself is rich in writers who have furnished food for mirth.
  • Sometime, perhaps, I may be very glad to satisfy your curiosity, and exhibit to you my poor countenance such as it is.
  • While so many pictures of acknowledged merit are rejected for lack of room, it is scarcely fair, perhaps, for one artist to exhibit so many.
  • If they obtain the assistance of some of the New England collectors the exhibit would be one of the finest ever seen.
  • If Celeste expected Nora to exhibit any signs of distress over the approaching departure, she was disappointed.
  • Another exhibit is the Indian story, primitive man, not just before the white man came, but going back 1500 years.
  • In the public triumph which the Romans celebrated on this occasion, they were able to exhibit only a few brave Lusitanians of a gigantic size.
  • Archie did not exhibit this treasure, even to his friend Ellen Neal, regarding it in the nature of a sacred trust.
  • Tom tried all sorts of persuasion to induce me to exhibit it; but without denying that I had it, I declined to produce it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Exhibit | Exhibit Sentence

  • Nine canvases exhibit his qualities in this gallery.
  • The duty of these officers should be to exhibit signs and wonders.
  • This was his child, that he could claim and exhibit to the world.
  • One new exhibit did catch Dalton's eye.
  • I came across a rather unique exhibit of nuts, grown by the late Geo.
  • This afternoon the Naval Brigade went out to exhibit rocket practice.

Definition of Exhibit

(transitive) To display or show (something) for others to see, especially at an exhibition or contest. | (transitive) To demonstrate. | (transitive, law) To submit (a physical object) to a court as evidence.
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