Exhilarated in a sentence

Definition of Exhilarated

simple past tense and past participle of exhilarate

Short Example Sentence for Exhilarated

  • 1. He was by no means exhilarated at the news.
  • 2. The very greatness of the hazard exhilarated him.
  • 3. The salt air exhilarated him.
  • 4. She became exhilarated by a number of things.
  • 5. Esther went about the house in an exhilarated lightness.
  • 6. The steady exercise warmed his blood and exhilarated him.
  • 7. Even Judith refused to be exhilarated by them.
  • 8. The sweep of the cavalry charge exhilarated Dick.
  • 9. He was too exhilarated to notice the strange manner of her reply.
  • 10. Still, there was something that braced and exhilarated one in the struggle.
  • 11. He rose and walked to and fro by the river side with most exhilarated spirits.

How to use Exhilarated in a Sentence?

  • 1. Such was the condition of his mind that the danger exhilarated rather than depressed him.
  • 2. I smelt again that delicious tea, and it exhilarated me as on the first occasion.
  • 3. The mind itself is exhilarated or depressed by the proper or improper use of muscular exercise.
  • 4. Much cheered and even exhilarated in spirit, the Indians went away to endure and to wait.
  • 5. The spirits of our sailors were greatly exhilarated when we reached Dusky Bay, New Zealand.
  • 6. There was that in his bearing which suggested that the food which he had consumed had not exhilarated him to any appreciable extent.
  • 7. Something of the freshness and sweep of the prairie winds exhilarated the delegates and animated the convention.
  • 8. She was exhilarated by the prospect of company, and this domestic whirlpool had amused her from of old.
  • 9. All the party were exhilarated by the fine sport we had had on the lake, and they were devoting themselves to a particular examination of the fish.
  • 10. A sensation not unlike the one with which the rector had marched into his first battle, fortified and exhilarated her.
  • 11. Whether the magnitude of the task ahead frightened or exhilarated them, the landseekers were all a little awed at that moment.
  • 12. This cheering view exhilarated the spirits of all the party, who listened with delight to the distant roar of the breakers.
  • 13. She told me once that when in Paris at the time she was so exhilarated that she felt like walking on air.
  • 14. I continued exhilarated for some minutes afterwards, but in half an hour found myself neither more nor less exhausted than before the experiment.
  • 15. On your first visit you feel exhilarated by the novelty of everything as much as by the strong warm sea wind which meets you wherever you go.
  • 16. The clamorous traffic everywhere exhilarated me at once, and I began to feel more and more contented.
  • 17. Rainey saw that Lund was exhilarated by his victory, that the primitive fighting brute was prominent.
  • 18. And though the voice and the answering enthusiasm went on for a long time, and still he did not understand, he was not tired but exhilarated only.
  • 19. Did you ever notice how a lone coyote on a snow-heaped prairie gives you a heartache, whereas the empty waste would only have exhilarated you?
  • 20. But Leslie, far from being nervous, was wildly excited and exhilarated by the conflict of the elements.
  • 21. These periodic spells of anger acted upon her like wine: they warmed her vitals and exhilarated her; they made her talk fluently and eloquently.
  • 22. Undismayed, nay, rather exhilarated by the sight of the three regiments of dragoons drawn up to receive them, they advanced at a rapid pace.
  • 23. They saw the leaves falling, quite yellow, although the trees were still dense with foliage; and the crisp air exhilarated them.
  • 24. I was in fine spirits; for to tell the truth, I had exhilarated myself by a cheerful glass of wine on the occasion.
  • 25. I was so unused to wine that the sip I took exhilarated me, though it was the slightest wine one can imbibe for such purpose.
  • 26. The captors, greatly exhilarated by the intelligence, at once made all sail for Malta, and there the glorious news was accepted without question.
  • 27. Still the incident had exhilarated him, he was more than ever a part of the crowd, and he went with them as far as Buckingham Palace.
  • 28. A body of horsemen stood guarding the village; the Highlanders, exhilarated at meeting a foe again, cast their plaids and rushed forward.
  • 29. He had come so recently from examination-rooms where he had been one of the pupils that this experience exhilarated him; it conferred upon him an authority that he enjoyed.