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  • Then came a feeling of anger in that he existed at all.
  • But that the conspiracy existed has never been disproved.
  • Of what existed before, we have but scant evidence.
  • The same situation existed with peaches 20 years ago.
  • None of these unfavourable conditions existed in Florence.
  • Indeed, in all but the name, war existed with France.
  • Such richness of genius had not existed more than once before.
  • There had always existed a marked attachment between the two.
  • It appears reasonable to me that force has existed from eternity.
  • A belief in the supernatural has existed in all ages and among all nations.
  • The right of the sword has existed since the beginning of the world.
  • The gap which existed has narrowed, but it is still unmistakable.
  • His dislike of Lassigny, which had not existed at all before, had died down.
  • It has existed in Buddhism before some Christians adopted it.

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  • No contemporary race, if such there existed on this continent, has left any record of them.
  • It almost made him believe no truth, no honour, and no sincerity existed among their opponents.
  • No man can tell, moreover, how long it had existed before it was copied out by the scribe Ennana.
  • This startled me into the consciousness that I had been as if I had not existed for these two men.
  • I existed in this kind of dream, I might almost say delirium, for upwards of a year.
  • In reality there existed 'termless terms,' a 'complete anarchy in the method of payment.' ...
  • That these conspiracies existed and were held in grave seriousness is revealed by the official correspondence of that time.
  • How ready they were to believe her guilty, between whom and himself there existed nothing but a friendship wholly pure!
  • It was very true that there existed a bull of the pope in regard to that matter, but it would have to be looked for in the books.
  • Wherever this tradition existed the usual method of enforcement was corporal punishment, generally inflicted with a strap.
  • It has resulted in standardized airplane parts, instead of the endless confusion of designs and makes that existed a few years ago.
  • Rose, on the other hand, had lost sight of herself, and existed almost unconsciously in the soul of another being.
  • This wooden story probably formed the bell chamber; the machicolation-like supports still existed in 1781.
  • The orders of the state ought also to have been recognized in those amongst whom alone they existed in freedom, that is, in the emigrants.
  • The estrangement which developed into open defiance existed among the peasants before Luther had begun to preach.
  • There was, in short, the beginning of the definite formation of political parties on lines akin to those which existed in the period before 1787.
  • Their railroad once born, even though as a trembling thing that for years existed upon paper only, was not permitted to die.
  • There was a sort of energy about him, a new sort of energy to us; we had never realised that anything of the sort existed in the world.
  • No doubt a justified fear for the mighty, brutal neighbour existed in the popular imagination, and fear may be the father of ill-considered deeds.
  • Tippets, poke-bonnets, even a sedan-chair, still existed among us long after they had been discarded by more active minds.
  • The danger of the Gospel of the gracious forgiveness of sins being misapplied has always existed in the Church.
  • Thus disappeared the only independent monarchy of European origin which ever existed on American soil.
  • Without a single ship-of-the-line and with only five frigates, there existed no possibility of actually fighting the British navy.
  • If the people of Israel existed without this scandal, why should not a Christian nation be able do so?
  • In the case of New Gibbon, this control existed only on paper in the colonial offices of the two countries.
  • At last he was to be given his final chance, and it was something to obtain such clemency in a force which existed simply by reason of its unfailing success.

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simple past tense and past participle of exist
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