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  • Events expand with the character.
  • Now just expand the lungs!
  • It is its business to expand and to appropriate.
  • Heat makes metals expand and makes springs less elastic.
  • Roland was afraid to expand his chest for fear of bruising it.
  • The canal appeared to expand in size in order to meet the descending seaplane.
  • Her assent was little and meagre; nothing would help her to expand it.
  • These we climbed on foot, watching the view expand around us and beneath.
  • But with a French menu he cannot expand anything; except perhaps himself.
  • His breast had to expand in the boundless prairie of Piccadilly Circus.
  • In 1911 it was decided to expand it in connection with the Royal Flying Corps.

How To Use Expand In A Sentence?

  • Personality is allowed to expand as far as it can, and only so can it come into its own.
  • Such a germ proverb is the text of the epigram, the remaining lines serve to expand this text.
  • Germany must expand over the seas, in colonial empire, and by tariffs of her own making.
  • And if truth come to our mind, we suddenly expand to its dimensions, as if we grew to worlds.
  • How much do iron and brass, in rods or bands, expand in length when heated to red heat?
  • But now, as the train whirled away the silent, thin, little man, he began to expand again.
  • The traditional forms of the opera are made to expand with the force of the feeling bursting through them.
  • The floundering of the great propellers seemed alternately to compress and expand the damp atmosphere.
  • So did their holdings and wealth-producing interests expand by a cumulative and ever-widening process.
  • His parents left him a moderate fortune which he proceeded to expand with extraordinary rapidity and success.
  • There were moments when they almost expected to see it expand back into the nebulous form and fly away.
  • But he trembles lest by offending her the tender flower before him may never again expand to the ardor of his love.
  • Thrilled by the sight of his utterances in print, he determined in his secret soul to expand that article into a book.
  • We cannot expand social feeling at will, or produce a democratic spirit by some simple process of education.
  • We can hardly deny to a growing and civilised nation the right to expand at the expense of barbarous hunters and nomads.
  • But immediately the water will begin to rise as the heat is communicated to it, and will continue to expand up to the boiling point.
  • Her eyes saw distances too big for their conception, beauties so deep that her spirit had to expand to absorb them.
  • These other species thus enjoy an ecologic freedom and can expand their niches in the absence of related types of similar ecologic scope.
  • The first answer is because she does expand trade; because she does pay and pay promptly; and because she does protect her own trade.
  • We all drew ourselves up; we almost burst the buttons from our tunics in our endeavor to expand ... with bravery.
  • Nations no more than individuals can thrive, expand and develop their best faculties unless their lives are based upon freedom and justice.
  • The branches are stiff and large, bare until late spring, when the buds expand and the shoots are thrown out.
  • An electric spark suddenly explodes these compressed gases, causing them to expand with the greatest violence and drive the piston back.
  • If the exercise be properly managed and persevered in, it will expand the chest, and give tone and health to the important organs contained in it.
  • We would collect many people about us, to serve as a nucleus from which the future society of men and women would expand ...
  • Shall it not expand our views, and warm our hearts, and nerve our arm in our efforts to exalt His fame?
  • Within these limits it will increase the vigor of the heart, expand the lungs, clear the brain, deepen sleep, and improve the appetite.
  • We see the same concept being used now to create or expand social feeling throughout the Anglo-Saxon race.
  • It was the very same animal that at first crawled about in the shape of a caterpillar that you now see rise into the air and expand his wings to the sun.

Definition of Expand

(transitive) To change (something) from a smaller form and/or size to a larger one; to spread out or lay open. | (transitive) To increase the extent, number, volume or scope of (something). | (transitive) To express (something) at length and/or in detail.
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