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  • They could retreat when and where they chose into the limitless expanses of their land.
  • Close at hand, as she knew, were gracious expanses of sea and sky and gleaming river.
  • From the summit of Buena Vista you see, on three sides, expanses of ocean and bay.
  • The expanses of dim yellow light through which coils and ellipses of darkness crawled like black worms.
  • From this extremity of the heights new aspects of the island were in view, as well as different expanses of the sea.
  • Our broad fields often have pleasing expanses of leafage other than green, and flowers that are as all-pervading as foliage.
  • They came leaping up the smooth expanses of rock, and they were obscured at times as if by black curtains that were drawn across their bodies.
  • These "opens" were of various sizes from little patches surrounded by forests to great treeless expanses miles in length and breadth.
  • Between these two huge and barren expanses Nubia writhes like a green sandworm along the course of the river.
  • The repose and peace of this little spot are intensified by the neighbourhood of the vast expanses of desert and sea, which here meet as though to rival each other.

Definition of Expanses

plural of expanse
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