Expatiate In A Sentence

Definition of Expatiate

(now rare) To range at large, or without restraint. | To write or speak at length; to be copious in argument or discussion. | (obsolete) To expand; to spread; to extend; to diffuse; to broaden.

How To Use Expatiate In A Sentence?

  • She had heard from Rosville all that had happened, but did not expatiate on it.
  • It must be bad taste to expatiate on that one topic which it is most certain that the hearer cannot sympathize in.
  • It was delightful to hear him expatiate upon this theme, for upon no other was he more truly eloquent.
  • But we must not expatiate on its effects; we must only give a little attention to the means by which they are achieved.
  • He seemed to expatiate on a variety of dishes, and to sit over his wine like a jolly friend of good living.
  • He had a smooth tongue, could make quite a favorable speech, and especially with good effect could he expatiate on the backwardness of others.
  • From various points here there are good views of the city obtainable; and our guide is able to expatiate on most of its beauties and characteristics.
  • Sir, I might stand here for hours and hours and expatiate with rapture upon the gorgeous prospects of Duluth as depicted upon this map.
  • To expatiate to any extent whatever upon the bereavement is heartless or thoughtless, and as there is no danger of ambiguity, the letter does not need to account for itself in any way.
  • He then with more courage than he had hitherto shown, began to expatiate on the duty of restitution, and tried to awaken his hearers to some sense of the sin of piracy.
  • Murray himself, in his younger days, had once secured an application for a large policy by refusing to expatiate on the merits of the particular form of insurance he was advocating.
  • I feel bound to tell you this, for it seems to add to my ineligibleness, and my duty plainly is to take you all round that and expatiate on it from every point of view.
  • I pretended to have been previously informed by the messenger not only of the capture, but of the cause that led to it, and forbore to expatiate upon my loss, or to execrate the authors of my disappointment.
  • Surely we are sufficiently endowed with our own gifts and graces, so powerful in their influence, that I need not enumerate or expatiate upon them here.
  • Of these distinguished Jacobites, separate lives will hereafter be given in this work: it therefore becomes unnecessary any further to expatiate upon them here.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Expatiate | Expatiate Sentence

  • To expatiate on this is not permissible.
  • He delighted to expatiate on the evils of cohabitation.
  • To expatiate on the subject would be unpalatable.
  • It would be going too far to expatiate on this matter.
  • On both accounts, therefore, it was improper to expatiate upon it.
  • I need not, I think, expatiate upon the dinner which followed.
  • She said it was de Ruyter; and began to expatiate on that hero's achievements.

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