Expectantly In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Expectantly | Expectantly Sentence

  • Tim looked expectantly at me.
  • Adelle looked up expectantly to the judge.
  • We all gazed expectantly at the closed door.
  • He was gazing expectantly toward the door.
  • Smiler stood expectantly watching the preparations.
  • He only looked vacantly, expectantly at her.
  • Hamlen seemed to hang expectantly upon the answer.
  • He looked up to meet all eyes fixed expectantly upon him.
  • He looked expectantly at Thor.
  • He looked expectantly at Billy.
  • Madame paused and looked expectantly at Zephyr.
  • The others looked expectantly at Nelson.
  • Frona glanced up expectantly at the Indian woman.
  • Mr. Cane turned expectantly towards his wife.
  • We both looked expectantly at Mrs. Jimmie.
  • Mary, Eliza, and Jane looked up expectantly as he entered.
  • Tenney was still expectantly eager for an awakening of her leniency.
  • She paused for a reply and looked expectantly at her daughter.
  • He looked expectantly around as though explanations were in order.
  • Mansoor waited expectantly for a titter, and bowed to it when it arrived.
  • He paused in his walk, and looked earnestly and expectantly down at her.
  • Frank received him with surprise, and awaited expectantly what he had to say.
  • The faces of men turned expectantly toward this land at the edge of the world.
  • They fitted arrows to their bows, and looked expectantly into the shadows.
  • Jane hesitated for a moment to take it, and looked expectantly at the vicomte.
  • He was on his feet, unsupported, and looking expectantly toward the door.
  • And Wrinkle laughed expectantly as he pushed the bottle toward his companion.
  • She looked expectantly at Rosamond, who was on fire at last.
  • Laloo forked a frankfurter, selected a roll and looked expectantly at Stover.
  • Petkoff, meanwhile, refilled the glasses and looked expectantly at Malone.
  • He looked expectantly at Her Majesty, but she shook her head sadly.

How To Use Expectantly In A Sentence?

  • He remained perfectly quiet and waited expectantly for some explanation of what he had heard.
  • They seemed to lose some of their fear, and to be expectantly listening for something.
  • She would occasionally pause expectantly on the trunk of a tree and utter a loud call.
  • At the slightest sound from the hall every eye turned expectantly toward the door.
  • She would occasionally pause expectantly on the trunk of a tree, and utter a loud call.
  • Side by side on the library lounge they continued to gaze expectantly at Barres.
  • Eddy Little, the second clerk, interrupted, looking up expectantly and starting to shuffle.
  • He looked at Myra expectantly and a little anxiously as he paused, and Myra laughed involuntarily.
  • When we got down to the first floor again, Mrs. Stoddard was waiting expectantly for our arrival.

Definition of Expectantly

In an expectant manner.
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