Expectation In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Expectation | Expectation Sentence

  • This expectation was not realized.
  • This expectation was soon fulfilled.
  • Good expectation is better than bad possession.
  • In breathless expectation they all sat up and watched.
  • The expectation in the two cases would be equally vain.
  • There was a lull of expectation in Dublin.
  • Such is the expectation of Tamiya Dono.
  • In this expectation Mr. Blaine was disappointed.
  • He made his references as of jesting expectation of her advent.
  • She had no expectation of a visitor, she had no desire for one just now.
  • I live from the arrival of one mail in expectation of the next.
  • We can't remain in a state of suspended expectation for ever.

How To Use Expectation In A Sentence?

  • People developed and shared new technologies with no expectation of financial return.
  • The first day or two they were all on the tenter-hooks of expectation and anxiety.
  • They listened for a quarter of an hour longer, in expectation that they would cease.
  • But, once satisfied of such superiority, we set no limit to our expectation of his genius.
  • All voices were hushed; expectation waited on the words of the Sheikh-al-Jebal.
  • Although I could not make myself heard, I waited in anxious expectation of deliverance.
  • When a rebel battery opened out in the distance they girded themselves in expectation of an order to charge it.
  • There had been, as we say, expectation of a discovery in the region where the first asteroid was found.
  • It had been far from his expectation to see her on this errand, or, for the matter of that, on any errand at all.
  • When we had got half way, we were stopped by a native, who had been waiting in expectation of our return.
  • His eyes sparkled from the strong wine he had taken during supper, as well as from the exquisite expectation which made his blood boil.
  • They that marry ancient people merely in expectation to bury them, hang themselves in hope that one will come and cut the halter.
  • This expectation was not verified; the prisoners were let off, with an admonition to behave better in future; and this happened again and again.
  • That is the average age, whereas a hundred years ago the average expectation of life at that age was only fifty-three years.
  • They sinned in the expectation of thereby electing a President, and enjoying the patronage he would dispense.
  • After sitting long in the expectation of a message, the Commons adjourned till six in the afternoon.
  • The lady might be one who had loved him early in life, but whom then, in his expectation of passionate love, he had scorned.
  • For himself, however, he had no expectation that the indebtedness of the Confederacy would ever be paid.
  • It was from the love of God that saw no excellency in us to attract it; and it was without expectation of ever being requited for it.
  • Thus saying, he expired, and his body was kept for the space of one day and one night unburied, in expectation of the saint.
  • In the mysterious morning twilight there seemed something supernaturally sentient in the atmosphere, as though it quivered in expectation of the dawn.
  • In a hoarse whisper he desired to know if Mr. Gibney attended the auction with the expectation of bidding on any of the packages offered for sale.
  • In the course of a few weeks the mind returns to its wonted seat, and she is restored to liberty with the full expectation that she will return again in a year.
  • That expectation had never been realized, and the United States was now able to construct a canal without aid from outside resources.
  • I felt that the discovery must now be made, and held my breath in momentary expectation of the execration in which he would vent his surprise and disappointment.
  • He thought he would just take his cart as far as the cottage, more from a desire of having a closer view of it than from much expectation of finding a customer.
  • The reason of this case is as plain as the assertion; the cause is in itself; no man lends his money but with an expectation of receiving it again with the interest.
  • In a very few moments they heard some one undoing the fastenings of the door, and the gentlemen looked at one another with an expression of mingled expectation and apprehension.

Definition of Expectation

The act or state of expecting or looking forward to an event as about to happen. | That which is expected or looked for. | The prospect of the future; grounds upon which something excellent is expected to occur; prospect of anything good to come, especially of property or rank.
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