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How To Use Expected In A Sentence?

  • Hubert expected to find in these papers a more delicate appreciation of his work.
  • Porter expected to find a large quantity of arms and munitions of war in the place.
  • Both gentlemen made the grimace usual in suitors who have expected much and got little.
  • That did not give his lordship much disturbance, for he expected no better from his adversaries.
  • I expected at any time to see one or other of them lying down gasping like a freshly caught fish.
  • But General Hood did not play the military part that he was expected to play.
  • I think that he quite expected to receive orders to go in and drag his fallen enemy out to the light of day.
  • There was a general murmur and movement in the surrounding assemblage, who expected to see some deed of violence committed.
  • He was trying with all his might, she perceived, he was spiritually fumbling over the effort to feel and to think what she expected of him.
  • There are just about half a dozen prime necessities of no great bulk which always seem to run out sooner than expected on field service.
  • Gray went outside the hut and looked searchingly in the direction from which he expected Harding to come.
  • Gray had not slept during the day, and he hardly expected to sleep during the night; he felt too feverishly eager for the morning.
  • I was quite lightheaded, and madly expected to possess myself of a ticket immediately, and dance home in triumph.
  • For the true answer will certainly be a very long one, a great deal longer than might be expected from such a short and simple question.
  • There was also a lot of sorting and packing to be done, and farewell visits to be made, where these were officially expected of one.
  • Everyone expected Lexington would be the next to fall, and they were all anxious to have a hand in the affair.
  • You see, he had played some more than usual dirty trick on the woman and expected awful ructions presently; and to be fired out for sure.
  • More serious still was the news that Porter had been reinforced, and had attacked and expected to recapture the place.
  • But Gray looked in vain for the mighty tree he had expected to see, towering up in the midst of the valley.
  • The Editor seemed disconcerted by the silent attitudes round him, as though he had expected all these people to shout and dance.
  • Vetch was so different from what Corinna had expected to find him that, in some vague way, she felt disappointed and absurdly resentful.
  • I knew just so much and no more, and as much expected to assist thereat as I should have hoped to come of age on my twelfth birthday.
  • During the whole of this scene the Pasha had been shaking his head, as if he had not expected all this from Apafi.
  • He half expected to hear the gallop of well-trained horses, the shout of authoritative voices; but all was still, the police had missed the track.
  • The room, to my amazement, was precisely like my own, even to that bed in the recess; and the inmate was not alarmed, for he evidently expected me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Expected | Expected Sentence

  • He had expected coldness and formality.
  • Tugs expected to arrive every moment.
  • I expected her to do something remorseful and pathetic.
  • He expected to hear the sounds of breaking-in every moment.
  • I expected them to be delivered by a man named Dupont.
  • It never occurred to me that I was not expected at Cecilia.
  • I have just heard that Y.R.H. is expected here to-morrow.
  • Davidson expected in his heart to have some comfort out of him.
  • The man kept coming to the door and looking out as if he expected some one.
  • I must say there were more people there than I expected to meet.
  • He had expected his gossip to arouse Corinna, and in this he was not mistaken.
  • He certainly expected to find this satisfaction in Calvinism, if anywhere.
  • But you expected somebody, I believe, didn't you?
  • The lord of the manor, Denis Banfi, was expected home from Ebesfalva.
  • I expected to learn that she had heard from--from here.

Definition of Expected

Anticipated; thought to be about to arrive or occur | simple past tense and past participle of expect
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