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  • Good statutes mean wise and expedient statutes.
  • Suddenly a boyish expedient of mine flashed into my mind.
  • I find it expedient to make great effort for my pardon.
  • Neither is it expedient that she should be seen much in society.
  • Astor employed the cunning expedient of exchanging merchandise for furs.
  • Then quickly his eager brain ran from expedient to expedient.
  • The Major preferred the expedient of doing without his mirror.

How To Use Expedient In A Sentence?

  • He did not see any other expedient but to refer the matter to their principals.
  • From this horrible expedient it was but one step to the digging up of their own dead for food.
  • Then the spirits are sent back to their homes by the simple expedient of stamping on the floor.
  • There were times when the piazza was as far out-of-doors as it was expedient to venture.
  • It may be found expedient ultimately to leave gold free for use in the arts.
  • Cromwell knew how to separate the institutions expedient to his usurpation from the administration of the public justice of his country.
  • Even the expedient of putting specially-lettered neck-labels on the bags to indicate their contents is adopted.
  • For these creatures exist not for themselves, but for service; it were not expedient that they had been made with need of such additions.
  • The report having been made, it was judged expedient to lower a boat and render her such assistance as was possible.
  • If any of my readers should happen to forget its position in the sky, the following is a very simple expedient for finding it.
  • He dared not overdo the business, and presently righted the chute by the simple expedient of releasing the shrouds.
  • No time now to have every decisive and expedient measure yelled down as 'unconstitutional' or undemocratic or unprecedented.
  • Sometimes, however, it is expedient to precede the topic sentence by one or more sentences of introduction or transition.
  • Being horribly afraid of climbing, she used the simple expedient of grasping the lower limbs of the tree and shaking down the fruit.
  • The Crusoe men had resorted to the expedient of deserting their vessel in order to get rid of the robbers.
  • It is bound to consider what is expedient for others, for the weak and dependent, as well as for the individual, and for the present time.
  • On Sunday we think it clearly fitting and expedient that two messes of flesh should be served up to the knights and the chaplains.
  • At last we struck upon the expedient of buying poles from the natives, and an offer was made to give them a dollar for every six poles.
  • For example, some estates find it expedient to ship rubber in actual ton lots, and for this purpose pack only 140 lbs.
  • It will also be expedient to teach them rhetoric, philosophy, and the history of men, plants, and animals.
  • Whether their Parthian tactics were the result of a preconceived policy or were merely an expedient of the moment, it is impossible to say.
  • But there's bound to come a time, even in her peculiar experience, when it's expedient to break a rule like that.
  • It was expedient that thirty, fifty, or a hundred thousand of us should perish, or be rendered physically incapable of bearing arms again.
  • The same resolution, the same warmth of heart, and that readiness at an expedient which never failed poor Barry!
  • So I chose an excellent expedient by joining the schoolmaster in the organ-loft, where a dozen towheaded children stared at me.
  • The war made inevitable the adoption of a policy which Mr. Clay had advocated as expedient and wise.
  • John understood, as plainly as if Scaife had spoken, that silence, where expulsion impended, was not only expedient but imperative.
  • Should you deem it expedient to suppress my letter, you may do it and say as much as you think fit on my part in the nature of a communication through you.
  • Nino thought nothing about his riches, because he was racking his brains for some good expedient whereby he might see the contessina and speak with her.
  • A number of settlers decided that it would be expedient to capture Sonoma, where under Vallejo were nine cannon and some two hundred muskets.
  • The proposal to transfer the Lascoreens in this Commandement twice, or at least once a year, will be a good expedient for the reasons stated.
  • Here I frequently observed the industrious expedient practised in many parts of Valencia and Catalonia.
  • By this meane wee shuld euer haue concorde emongist vs, whiche in all thynges is necessary, but most nedefull and expedient in Gods holi woord.

Definition of Expedient

Suitable to effect some desired end or the purpose intended. | Affording short-term benefit, often at the expense of the long-term. | Governed by self-interest, often short-term self-interest.
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