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  • What is done to expedite business?
  • Anything that might expedite matters was to their taste.
  • His gun poked me in the back to expedite my exit.
  • I halted, therefore, to expedite their recovery.
  • Him I sent back the same night to expedite affairs there.
  • Should be deeply grateful if you would expedite your proposed visit.
  • You may expedite the work by preparing raisins and almonds the day before.
  • It was also presumed, that a refusal would expedite a surrender.

How To Use Expedite In A Sentence?

  • Never use the other to in any wise expedite the distribution of their contents.
  • To expedite this consummation every officer fought as if he were the forlorn hope.
  • He was out at dawn every morning, and only too keen to do anything to expedite tuition.
  • Moreover, he had never taken any especial pains to expedite the processes of his growing up.
  • He did everything in his power to expedite matters, but red tape was stronger than gold lace.
  • It is desirable to expedite payment of labor claims, especially to men who quit on short notice.
  • Colonel Thomas A. Scott was sent to the West to make all things ready and expedite the movement.
  • Kate fairly hated herself for the passing thrill of relief over the timely illness that had intervened to expedite her mission.
  • Here well-informed young couples are able to expedite the business of matrimony with a phenomenal neatness and despatch.
  • In that case a little overtime will expedite payment of the rent; it will not then be amiss to allow them to work a few quarters.
  • To expedite worke with what speede you safely may, else ignorant people will feare they shall have no end at all.
  • At the same time, the system for distant communication is undoubtedly adapted to expedite the movements of an army over a large tract of country.
  • I went immediately into the cellar, therefore, to see him with the men, to seek to expedite the business.
  • When properly employed, they induce refreshing sleep, revive the drooping nervous system, and expedite the delivery.
  • Every hour the impatient commander despatched aides-de-camp to Chazot to expedite his march and bring him back information.
  • In spite of this, I have no doubt that the British authorities have done their best to expedite delivery.
  • Bradlaugh moved the Court of Appeal to expedite the hearing of his appeal, and also to expedite the trial of the issues in fact.
  • With diplomacy he might contrive to expedite the invitation to Haredale Park, so that he could have the ground clear without fear of interruption.
  • Well, he should meet with a ready purchaser, if a letter from Brett to every agency in London would expedite matters.
  • These cars are fitted up as post offices and are used for distribution en route in order to expedite and facilitate the prompt transmission and delivery of mails.
  • Since his charges were but infantile affairs, the coloured gentleman on the box thought to expedite matters and drop them at the corner nearest their homes.
  • The difficulty of this process would be how to expedite the proceedings so that a decision should be had before the 4th of March, in order to avoid an interregnum.
  • My Secretary of State will expedite the necessary patent which I communicate to your Excellency for your information.

Definition of Expedite

Free of impediment; unimpeded. | Expeditious; quick; prompt. | (transitive) To accelerate the progress of.

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