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  • Such expedition is kind now!
  • The punitive expedition stopped.
  • This expedition proved abortive.
  • The expedition advanced to meet them.
  • Ida thought of the expedition and smiled.
  • The expedition flew without false shame.
  • The expedition stopped, and looked itself in the face.
  • Lawrence decided to join the expedition under Foster.
  • Watson directed the expedition by water; Clive by land.
  • For that expedition the said treasurers give bonds in sufficient form.
  • The ten men chosen for the expedition were also on the point of starting.
  • An expedition was nearly ready; but the leading spirit vacillated.
  • For the purposes of the present Expedition it has been renovated.
  • Somehow or other, the expedition don't look so enticin' as it did at first.
  • Sheridan subsequently conducted an expedition into North Carolina.
  • The memorable expedition set out from Seville September 20, 1519.
  • Wolfe accompanied this expedition as brigadier under Major-General Amherst.

How To Use Expedition In A Sentence?

  • I had been unusually drooping, and it was supposed that the expedition would revive me.
  • He was in a towering rage, for his expedition had failed and he had lost two men.
  • This is not the place to narrate in detail the history of the great expedition of Legaspi.
  • Willersley wanted to go for an expedition across the lake that afternoon, but I refused.
  • In fact, the fate of the expedition was already sealed when Portland came into power.
  • The expedition against Jerry was well planned, but he got wind of it, and scattered his force.
  • My friends Mulvaney and Ortheris had gone on a shooting expedition for one day.
  • An expedition under General Harmar marched against them, but it was defeated with great loss.
  • On December 21 he left Haiti with a second expedition for the relief of his native land.
  • The expedition sailed on August 21, 1820, on board the fleet commanded by Cochrane.
  • It was an imposing spectacle, as the French expedition made its way down Lake George.
  • An expedition to free a brother sovereign from prison was undoubtedly a generous and chivalrous undertaking.
  • Sometimes they start on an expedition fifty strong, next time perhaps not more than thirty turns up.
  • That if one of them die on the expedition the other, or his heirs and successors, be ordered to fulfil everything as if both were living.
  • Martin headed an archaeological expedition to Alugean and there uncovered a huge computer library complex.
  • There was great joy, in the regiment, when the news was received that they were to go with the expedition against Quebec.
  • Aside from accomplishing nothing, the expedition of 1806 was a great injury to Miranda's cause.
  • The expedition against Louisbourg, to strengthen which the western frontier had been denuded of troops, proved a failure.
  • The expedition against Ticonderoga was given up, as another attempt at Louisbourg was about to be made.
  • Was a man named Aaron once thought he knew more 'bout runnin' a' expedition than his brother did.
  • In a few weeks the plan of the expedition was settled, and the necessary arrangements made, with the consent and under the supervision of Barron.
  • The expedition to the Bromo, by horse or litter, affords the supreme experience of Javanese volcanoes.
  • In this expedition sailed two Norfolk young men, one in his twenty-third year, the other a mere lad in his fifteenth year.

Definition of Expedition

(intransitive) To take part in a trip or expedition; to travel. | (obsolete) The act of expediting something; prompt execution. | A military journey; an enterprise against some enemy or into enemy territory.
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