Explain To In A Sentence

How To Use Explain To In A Sentence?

  • Let me explain to Comrade Adair.
  • The why I cannot explain to-day....
  • I will explain to Madame la Marquise.
  • I tried to explain to Mac the condition of Geordie.
  • I will explain to BOB.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Explain To | Explain To Sentence

  • I will then explain to you who we are.
  • How to explain to them?
  • I will explain to you.
  • And then you will explain to him your system.
  • Nevertheless this did not quite explain to me.
  • Let me explain to you why we are so rich.
  • We shall explain to you.
  • Then kindly explain to me.
  • He will explain to you later what these are.
  • Will you explain to her about the boys?
  • Lloyd began to explain to this companion.
  • It is but human to explain to a watchman.
  • I tried to explain to him about the ship.
  • How could he explain to his poppa?
  • I have tried to explain to her what friends we are.
  • She felt she could always manage him, explain to him.
  • If I could only explain to him!
  • But explain to Grace about your friend.
  • But, at the bottom, what does this religion explain to us?
  • Will you explain to Sempland how it came about?
  • This I must explain to you.
  • One must explain to Hattie.
  • Afterward she could in her own way explain to Nell.
  • You will explain to them, Geddos.
  • I have to explain to you, Sir.
  • Why should He ever be asked to explain to such as we?
  • I presumed upon what I will now explain to you.
  • All this he could not explain to the man Travers.
  • In which case he would have to explain to Chitterlow!
  • And I wanted to explain to you about the drawing-room.
  • I tried to explain to Mac why his attempt had failed.
  • At the first opportunity I shall explain to her.
  • This indictment I will explain to you more fully later.
  • Thus much alone is all that I can clearly explain to thee.
  • But explain to me, my dear Charlotte, how you are here.
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