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  • The explanation is plain.
  • And in this explanation they were partly right.
  • The explanation quickly occurred to him.
  • An explanation at last dawned upon her.
  • Without doubt, this was the true explanation of the matter.
  • An explanation suddenly occurred to Joan.
  • To simplify explanation we will designate the counters as follows.
  • No explanation was necessary as he took a hatchet and pried up a plank.
  • May they not also find a nearer explanation in their relation to phenomena?
  • Lloyd spoke some more, trying to give explanation for his lateness.
  • The contract date for the issue went by, and there was no explanation of this.
  • What one doesn't understand without an explanation isn't worth knowing.
  • This explanation reconciled Wallie to the difficulty of getting water.
  • At this explanation Clement the Clerk forgot his dignity altogether.
  • She also wanted an explanation for the child's speedy growth.

How To Use Explanation In A Sentence?

  • And all this rational explanation of the fantastic made it only more mysterious and weird.
  • His explanation that he wished to make a deposit was greeted with shouts of derision.
  • Mitchell plunged into an explanation of the workings of the tariff and its effect on home prices.
  • My dear father, you have given us an admirable explanation of the personal view of death.
  • I repeat this confession, and to my cost; for it is necessary as part explanation of what follows.
  • It will be noticed that I have given but a partial explanation of the spiritual phenomena.
  • Mrs. Budlong rested all her chins upon her cameo breastpin and received the explanation coldly.
  • I could give no explanation of what had happened, except to say that I had fallen asleep.
  • In his autobiography Von Baer gives us the explanation of this striking contradiction.
  • Kemeny intimated by a wave of his hand and a contraction of his eyebrows that this explanation was not quite clear to him.
  • There is an explanation of abstractions by the phenomena which they represent, as well as by their relation to other abstractions.
  • And with the mention of this familiar phrase, further explanation was supposed to be rendered superfluous.
  • Gray's face cleared as he forced himself to accept this explanation as the true one.
  • Is there any possible explanation of your extraordinary behaviour which, for some reason or other, you have kept to yourself?
  • They furnished to his mind an explanation of the various evidences of the degradation of the colored people he had seen upon his journey.
  • He was not an ill-looking nor ill-mannered man, and shyness was the only explanation that occurred to me for his perseverance in avoiding us.
  • The ordinary logic is also jealous of the explanation of negation as relation, because seeming to take away the principle of contradiction.
  • Oh how I wish that the explanation could come to your ears just as candidly as the thing itself happened!
  • Patricia began a hasty explanation of her presence in the luxurious rooms, but the girl waved her words aside with abrupt good humor.
  • So confounded was he, by the unexpected production of this fatal missive, that he was unable to utter a single word of explanation or excuse.
  • The explanation sounded simple enough; yet he suspected, though he could not have defined his reason, that she was not telling the truth.
  • What is the explanation for this tremendous tragedy, which is not solely American, which closely concerns the whole world?
  • Of course, there are purely American elements in the explanation which I am not competent to speak on.
  • As you have never seen her, I may say that she is regarded as dark for an octoroon, and with her presence no explanation will be necessary.
  • At the same time they set in the clearest light the immeasurable value of the theory of descent in the causal explanation of the most difficult morphological problems.

Definition of Explanation

The act or process of explaining. | Something that explains, makes understandable. | A resolution of disputed points pursuant to discussion; a mutual clarification of disputed points; reconciliation.
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