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  • It wanted only that explorers should reach the mountains.
  • They are very good to the white explorers in the north.
  • Many brave explorers tried later to discover it.
  • Never was there a more faithful, resolute band of explorers than ours.
  • All that it lacked was a suitable harbour, which the explorers sought in vain.
  • About five o'clock the Yampa explorers came.
  • The explorers left Tanganyika for the return journey to Zanzibar on May 26th.
  • Certain Intelligence of the Fate of the Explorers reaches Melbourne.

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  • Gone with the days of the explorers and pirates are the mystery and menace of it all.
  • The difficulties of the explorers were increased by the lack of daylight hours.
  • With the explorers and conquerors of the sixteenth century came the missionaries and priests.
  • The original entrance was in a crevice which explorers descended by means of ropes.
  • A short distance below the explorers carved their names on a rock which projected into the stream.
  • Introduced by the latter, our explorers made a kind of triumphal entry into the village.
  • The entire company of explorers has been dissipated out of being, like dewdrops before the sun.
  • Such objects do not predicate habitation at that distance; primitive explorers may have lost them.
  • Quitting their encampment and riding on, the bewildered explorers kept close to the new shore.
  • But what struck the explorers more than anything was the appearance of singular newness that pervaded the whole of the region.
  • A glance at the map will show the courses of these respective explorers sufficiently for general purposes.
  • When the land was once discovered, its conquest was directed along the very paths on which these explorers came.
  • We have, however, the evidence of explorers who have penetrated into tombs which were practically intact.
  • The explorers continued on their way, and a sail of a few hours brought them to an island like to none that they had yet seen.
  • Arctic explorers are but rarely troubled by them, even though they may be exposed to extremely low temperatures for months.
  • The deep-rooted trouble which had defied the gray matter of all explorers proved to be nothing more or less than complete lack of gasoline.
  • If Brahe had even left more stores, clothing especially, we should have had the pleasure of welcoming the explorers home.
  • We will interrupt the narrative here to introduce from later travellers some pictures of the remarkable region to which our explorers had now arrived.
  • The first explorers that entered the interior of the American continent were dependent upon the buffalo and Indian for ways of getting about.
  • Over and over again this has happened, and disastrous consequences have ere now arisen from the persistent use by explorers of these rose-coloured spectacles.
  • For nine hundred years the Greeks were the principal representatives, protectors, elaborators and explorers of Christianity.
  • The explorers sailed on westward, changing their course gradually to the north to follow the broad curve of the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland.
  • He intends to keep up a constant communication with these settlements by means of dogs and sledges, so that he will not be entirely cut off from the world as previous explorers have been.
  • From here a course laid to the south-west brought the explorers into sight of Prince Edward Island.
  • The very first objective of the explorers was to locate a suitable site for fortification, in order that further explorations might be conducted from a secure base.
  • Soon, however, they were recognized by some one as the explorers for minerals and then suspicion at once rested on a young man named John E.
  • All this would probably appear conclusive to Mr. McKinlay that he had ascertained the fate of the explorers whom he had been in search of.
  • The abundance of yams, Indian corn, and various fruits, together with the plentifulness of wild cotton, impressed the explorers most favorably.
  • The sudden and cruel extremes of heat and cold racked the exhausted frames of the explorers with pain, and Burke and King were hardly able to walk.
  • Arctic explorers by instinct, they come to us only with real arctic weather, and almost seem to be themselves a part of the snow-storm with which they arrive.
  • He turned to milder latitudes, and dispatched his explorers in 1584, and his colonists in 1585, to the coast of what is now North Carolina.
  • The mistake which Columbus and the early explorers made in thinking America was India has caused a good deal of confusion.

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plural of explorer
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