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  • On that day only a few explosive shells had fallen.
  • Those confounded high explosive shells!
  • The torpedo talker is of the rapid fire explosive variety.
  • But Launcelot was in an explosive mood.
  • At this John burst into explosive speech.
  • Shrill and explosive laughter was arising on all sides of him.
  • The doctor hung up the receiver with an explosive monosyllable.
  • Theodore's anger was never of the blazing, explosive sort.
  • The addition of Williams to these explosive forces was alarming.
  • That's explosive enough, I reckon, for this job.
  • A German explosive bullet caught me while I was in a lying position.
  • An explosive grunt of dismay answered him, before Fat Joe let him rise.

How To Use Explosive In A Sentence?

  • And his explosive diagnosis proved to be as correct as it was utterly unprofane in spirit.
  • The only wonder was that they had not burst their envelopes and seals, so explosive were they.
  • Nitric acid forms nitrates similar to nitroglycerin in composition and explosive properties.
  • An explosive that can't be hurled in a shell and can't be dropped in a bomb from a plane.
  • Yet this vast explosive field did not prevent the Germans from sending their submarines to sea.
  • Then he mounted his lofty box, swung his explosive whip, and away he went again, like a storm.
  • Once he almost uttered an explosive "Good Heavens, how do you stand it?" to his hostess.
  • He had believed himself alone to have been rescued when the high explosive had taken the roof from his tomb.
  • He fell in love with the explosive vehemence and despairing persistence with which the weak are accustomed to cling to an idea.
  • As it is, the aviators will arrive and we shall have more high explosive bombs and flank firing on the trenches.
  • The air could not be pumped directly into the envelope itself as it would produce an explosive mixture with the gas already there.
  • It might seem an easy matter for an airship flying over a place to drop an explosive bomb on it and destroy it.
  • Picture them crammed to overflowing with tons of glyco-scarzite, the most destructive explosive the mind of man has yet conceived.
  • The spherical mine case, which contains the explosive charge and the mechanism for igniting it, is only a part of the contrivance.
  • Meanwhile the situation gave signs of being more explosive in reality than the respectful words of the Congress implied.
  • And stooping down, he wrenched the rope of small black boxes which contained the explosive from the man who had worked so painfully to get them.
  • We reached the top of the grade, when suddenly from out of the pit of darkness ahead of us there came a high explosive shell.
  • The chronic moods of hatred and dislike become explosive forces, ready to be excited to action whenever any difference arises.
  • The poor little woman, so suddenly reminded of what she had almost forgotten, felt as though some explosive substance had been thrown at her.
  • These are merely explosive charges designed to explode at a certain depth, formerly eighty feet, now about one hundred feet.
  • The Germans were now obliged to sail boldly into this explosive field, taking their chances of hitting a mine.
  • The mixture of religion with politics has always produced a highly explosive compound, especially in Asia.
  • I have never seen an explosive bullet, and few of the Allied soldiers believe that many of us have felt them.
  • The Commissary Department which supplies every want of the soldier, from a high explosive shell to a button.
  • Lieutenant Laigney was an ordnance expert, and the inventor of a certain explosive just beginning to be used in the French shells.
  • And the terrifying noise of high explosive hurt his ears and that swift dreadful sucking of the air that followed such explosions was about him again in its intensity.
  • They had come by way of Tucson so as to pick up a ten-gallon tube of concentrated explosive gas at the military camp in the Tucson mountains.
  • Endless precautions and vigilant care alone secure the safety of Balik-Papan from the perils incidental to the vast stores of explosive material.

Definition of Explosive

With the capability to, or likely to, explode. | Having the character of an explosion. | (figuratively) Shocking; startling.
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