Expostulate In A Sentence

How To Use Expostulate In A Sentence?

  • Dr. Toller come to expostulate with the wandering sheep of his otherwise irreproachable flock.
  • I was about to expostulate again when the door opened and Boss Mulligan slouched in.
  • When he came on board we began to expostulate with him in order to recover our boat and the man.
  • She protested, but the music sounded and he whirled her away before she could expostulate to any avail.
  • He opened his lips to expostulate and deny, but she rested a little hand on his arm a moment and interrupted.
  • I came not to censure or expostulate with you, but merely to counsel and aid a being that needs both; all I want is to see her.
  • He brings in a Lion arguing with a Merchant, who had ventured to expostulate with this king of beasts upon his violent methods of feeding.
  • Messer Alessandro, who loved her like a maniac, went shivering out alone into the moonlit garden to expostulate with Nature.
  • Vladimir de Windt, marvelling at the recklessness of the affair, came once to the twain, thinking to expostulate with Ivan.
  • So putting up his sword, he affected to expostulate with his troublesome companion on the impropriety of his conduct, watching at the same time for an opportunity of laying hold of him.
  • That this man condescended to expostulate with me; to dissuade me from my new plan; and to enumerate the benefits which he was willing to confer, penetrated my heart with gratitude.
  • As the parting from you for ever is the most serious event of my life, I will once expostulate with you, and call not the language of truth and feeling ingenuity!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Expostulate | Expostulate Sentence

  • It was vain for his parents to expostulate with him.
  • The parents expostulate in vain.
  • It was not my province to revile or expostulate with him.
  • The guardian determined to expostulate with his ward.
  • If a wife may not expostulate with her husband, who may?
  • Miss Winstead did not expostulate any further.
  • The Mexican began to expostulate shrilly.
  • Young Rolles offered to expostulate with his aunt Angela.
  • The fisherman started to expostulate but she had already left him.
  • She gave me another wink so broad that I did not dare to expostulate further.
  • When I turned to expostulate with him, I found that he had disappeared.
  • I suppose you don't propose to expostulate with the lady herself?

Definition of Expostulate

(intransitive) To protest or remonstrate; to reason earnestly with a person on some impropriety of conduct.
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