Expostulations In A Sentence

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  • But his expostulations produced no effect.
  • Long did he resist expostulations and threats.
  • To her expostulations he paid not the slightest attention.
  • Expectorations, expostulations and lamentations followed in order.
  • Mr. Bunn had again to meet the angry expostulations of the Chamberlain.
  • For his expostulations spoke of just that--change.

How To Use Expostulations In A Sentence?

  • This scene was interrupted only by the expostulations and proceedings of the mate.
  • This, however, passed, for he realised that his expostulations would be heard with laughter.
  • The Honorable Pulaski promptly checked the incoherent expostulations of the stumpage baron.
  • Instead of the prompt expostulations which he probably expected, a dead silence greeted these words.
  • Gentle reproaches and expostulations had become tiresome to the husband, and fierce explosions frightened him.
  • Leaders of finance rushed to the exchanges trying by arguments and expostulations to arrest the downfall, but in vain.
  • She had sense enough to drive the old man into a corner of the room, then out of it; and further expostulations sent him to his duties.
  • She was full of expostulations and arguments, but all were addressed to Toby, and she could not have borne any other society.
  • She had met his reproving expostulations in a spirit of bantering raillery and replied with a defiance of his opinion that had pierced his heart with arrow-like swiftness.
  • Several others now came forward, amid mingled expostulations and encouragement; but Keith took the first two, and they prepared to enter.
  • She never tired of this one, and answered all excuses and expostulations with a force and sharpness that, as a general thing, silenced, if they did not convince.
  • A dead silence fell, then three or four young fellows began to push their way through the crowd, amid expostulations of some of the women and the urging of others.

Definition of Expostulations

plural of expostulation
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