Expression in a sentence

Definition of Expression

The action of expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. | A particular way of phrasing an idea. | A colloquialism or idiom.

How to use Expression in a Sentence?

  • Moreover, there was an expression in her eyes at that moment which gave them beauty.
  • She caught his hand while her small face relaxed from its expression of rigid disdain.
  • Sometimes she could be seen with a despairing expression scribbling rapidly in her lock-up dairy.
  • Suddenly the expression of intense anxiety on her face gave way to one of unspeakable relief.
  • Was this only a mood, she wondered, or was it the expression of a profound disappointment?
  • Frank advanced to the table, curiosity dawning in his expression as he recognized the box.
  • For answer, Jessie gazed at me with an expression curiously compounded of horror and dismay.
  • Dame Apafi, with an expression of wounded dignity, turned towards her brother-in-law.
  • It seemed satisfactory, for she accepted it cheerily and hung up the receiver with an expression of great content.
  • I met her intended bridegroom in the market-place, and could not restrain the expression of my rage.
  • His only expression was that of haughty self-content; but there was no real pride in his bearing, and no reserve.
  • If a parenthetic expression is preceded by a conjunction, place the first comma before the conjunction, not after it.
  • Her tone dripped bitterness, and the lines of her pale lips settled into an expression of scornful resignation.
  • But as he read, the expression of hope which his face wore changed to one of pain pitiful to look upon.
  • She could not think what it should be, but she knew she could find out and she turned from the window with the old sunny expression on her face.
  • Usually, however, this objection does not hold when the order is interrupted only by a relative clause or by an expression in apposition.
  • The old gentleman always used the expression "those people" for persons of whose opinions he disapproved.
  • It would most assuredly have been an infinitely clearer and more beautiful expression of the divine goodness than that of Edwards.
  • Harding's face had a very tender expression in it as he advanced a step and put out his hand to touch the young man's shoulder.
  • Patricia was gratified at the expression which Bruce's name brought to the clear hazel eyes.
  • But this form of expression is inappropriate in writing, except in the dialogue of a story or play, or perhaps in a familiar letter.
  • It consisted merely of a head, or rather a face, that appeared to be staring full upon me, and with an expression that was startling.
  • And the constitution binding such awful consequences to an event already foreseen, is called an expression of the goodness of God!
  • The trite expression "from the known to the unknown" is good pedagogy, but there must be a "known" on which to build.
  • For a moment her stern expression relaxed, and her face, framed in a bonnet of black straw with velvet strings, became soft and anxious.
  • Gazing with despairing expression down at the cot, she would suddenly throw a quick, startled glance at Davidson and then towards the other room.
  • The expression within is punctuated as if it stood by itself, except that the final stop is omitted unless it is a question mark or an exclamation point.

Short Example Sentence for Expression

  • Her expression was enigmatical.
  • Her expression was stern but kind.
  • The expression of his face is mild and melancholy.
  • All ecstasy, all expression went out of his face.
  • This was too much for me to bear without some strong expression or other.
  • The eternity of future punishments an expression of the divine goodness.
  • The eternity of future punishments an expression of the divine goodness.
  • The girl came out, and her expression was heightened into positive radiance.
  • Emily listened, a vague expression of pain in her pathetic eyes.
  • His eye was full of expression and fire, but wild and unsteady.
  • Hicks' salient jaw was set, his expression unreadable.
  • So innocent, so lovely, such a divine expression of maternal tenderness!
  • He was smiling and Patricia knew his expression meant something agreeable.

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