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  • He was certain it would mean expulsion to be caught.
  • They explained the causes which led to his expulsion from school after school.
  • Then with the gradual expulsion of the breath a contrary movement takes place.
  • The unceremonious expulsion of my visiter seemed nothing short of an insult.
  • He groaned, sighed in a ragged expulsion of breath, and suddenly collapsed.
  • Of course the expansion of Greeks and Slavs meant the expulsion of Turks.
  • First British connection with Labuan in 1775, on expulsion from Balambangan.

How To Use Expulsion In A Sentence?

  • This change is due to some extent to the expulsion of the carbon dioxide from the milk.
  • The rumour of our expulsion spread abroad, and presently we heard the reason of it.
  • For though it was plainly not close to them, he could mark each intake and expulsion of breath.
  • Through the son of this family the final expulsion of these Quakers was accomplished.
  • The expulsion of the Turks from Europe was long ago written in the book of fate.
  • He and Juan Martin de Puyrredon began an organized movement for the expulsion of the English.
  • Yet Lord Clare had deemed him dangerous enough to justify expulsion from Alma Mater.
  • Castelar, Emilio, sketch of, 365; on the expulsion of Jews from Spain, 366.
  • Granada, fall of, 4, 8, 22, expulsion of the Moors from, 8, 29; revolt in, 347.
  • Since their expulsion from their ancient homes no ordered and peaceful method of existence had been possible for them.
  • On the other hand we have seen that it has been customary to have a general expulsion of evils and sins once a year.
  • The committee on membership may make recommendations to the association as to the discipline or expulsion of any member.
  • Therefore newly-married women should carefully avoid all causes which are known to induce the premature expulsion of the child.
  • He said that if the decree of expulsion were intrusted to him, he would see that it was carried into effect without delay.
  • Luckily our companions have not heard you talk in this way, or they might come in a body and demand your expulsion from the train.
  • This ratio remained until the beginning of the present century, and led in short to the expulsion of gold from the monetary circulation.
  • The years following the expulsion of the Bourbons in 1860 witnessed a terrible recrudescence of the scourge.
  • Betting on a certainty, for instance, or playing with nicked cards is immoral, and secures expulsion from clubs.
  • Well, one night he was over-bold, and within an ace of ignominious expulsion in the hey-day of his fame.
  • After his expulsion from office, he was summoned before the court by the remnant of the Council to answer these numerous charges.
  • When heated borax at first swells up greatly, owing to the expulsion of the water of crystallization, and then melts to a clear glass.
  • From the marriage to the expulsion of O'Iwa his treatment of the story is mainly followed.
  • Sometimes, as in the case of the expulsion of Hagar, the two versions are introduced at different points in the life of the patriarch.
  • They represented the history of Adam and Eve, from their creation to their expulsion from Paradise.
  • The gates were closed on the expulsion of the rabblement so quickly that many stragglers among the royalists were left without to batter on the wood in vain.
  • The expulsion of this gentleman from the society was in my opinion required by the respect it owed itself, and by the good faith it owed both to the public and to its members.
  • It is signed by Bentabole, who had moved Paine's expulsion from the Convention.
  • Spain achieved unity a generation later by the union of Castile and Aragon and the expulsion of the Moors from the peninsula.
  • The elasticity of the cartilages of the ribs depresses them, and the cavity of the chest is diminished, attended by the expulsion of a portion of the air from the lungs.
  • The least penalty would be expulsion from the army; but imprisonment till the close of the war, was a favorite amusement with the War Office.
  • Although she had formerly supplied a disproportionately large number of the confessions in the fault book, the entry which had nearly led to her expulsion was the last she ever made in it.
  • His obligation of secrecy shall be as binding upon him after expulsion as before, and for any revelation made by him thereafter, he shall be held accountable in the same manner as if he were then a member.
  • The respiration spasm is usually at full inspiration and the effort is mainly directed toward expiration and expulsion of air present using the accessory respiratory muscles for that purpose.

Definition of Expulsion

The act of expelling or the state of being expelled.
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