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  • What an exquisite name!
  • She is too exquisite for common use.
  • Can aught so exquisite on earth be found?
  • His hand swept toward the exquisite display.
  • Ah, how dolorous, how exquisite is love!
  • They have great range of scale, from ferocity to exquisite refinement.
  • See the book of Ruth in the Old Testament for this exquisite story.
  • I., with 12 Exquisite Steel Plates and about 200 Original Wood Engravings.

How To Use Exquisite In A Sentence?

  • The present was so perfect that it was like the most exquisite hour of a spring afternoon.
  • I could not realize at the time how much this exquisite part-singing was extemporized.
  • An engraver whose hands must be of an exquisite delicacy of stroke, should not lay stone walls.
  • He smiled blandly, in exquisite relief, as if he had confessed a sin or had a tooth drawn.
  • Here let us pause nor chase for pleasure on, Nothing can be more exquisite than this.
  • Does not the exquisite of Rotten Row weary for his flannel shirt and shooting-jacket?
  • She is of so exquisite a nature that he who knows how to treat her will convert her into gold of the most inestimable value.
  • Did he really extract the vials of such exquisite and unprovoked wrath from the essence of infinite goodness itself?
  • There was the melancholy which belongs to tender years set in exquisite contrast to the prevailing mirth.
  • In the centre of the room stands a variegated table surmounted by silver candelabra of exquisite workmanship.
  • And then he uncovered the odd gay jars, and helped me profusely to the exquisite preserves they contained.
  • I found that the fairies had covered the panes with literal frost fac-similes of the exquisite wares which hung behind.
  • He likes to mold us into something exquisite and ornamental, he likes to feel that he has molded us.
  • His eyes sparkled from the strong wine he had taken during supper, as well as from the exquisite expectation which made his blood boil.
  • He is a railroader of the old school, trained in exquisite thoroughness and with a capacity for detail, not less than marvelous.
  • Mr. Rivers was not at all the sort of man he should have expected that exquisite young creature to care about.
  • Even now, bereft of so much that must once have added to its charm, the view is one of exquisite and most romantic beauty.
  • She was slender and graceful, with that air at once exquisite and unassuming that he had seen in the Englishwoman of his dreams.
  • At dinner that night Dulcie was exquisite in orchid tulle with a string of pearls that hung to her knees.
  • He outlined his subject with exquisite pains, detail by detail, making it clear just what propositions he would advance.
  • Many of our readers will remember the exquisite lines in which Beranger paints the connection between our mortal lives and the stars of the sky.
  • She knew, as did others, that she dressed with exquisite taste, and that no lady passed her on the street without a flattering comment.
  • He used to go from her on board the schooner exhausted, broken, shaken up, as though he had been put to the most exquisite torture.
  • The onyx is here in great superb blocks, wedded with bronze of exquisite finish, or serving as background to enamels of the most elaborate design.
  • Many of these possess exquisite gardens, with fountains and tanks, and all the arrangements for the out-of-doors life which Persians love.
  • The exquisite effrontery with which she finally brought out her gray-green volume was only equalled by the forbearing courtesy with which he welcomed both it and her.
  • In felt bewildering harmonies Of trembling touch; and music is The exquisite knocking of the blood.
  • My impression is that this exquisite design was taken from snow on the hillsides, which is often fashioned by a strong wind into the honeycomb pattern.
  • The loss here has been the greater because the figures were of the finest kind, as well as the most easily seen: those remaining are certainly of the most exquisite loveliness.
  • Upon a pedestal of black marble stood an exquisite little statuette of a Neapolitan dancing-woman, undoubtedly the work of some Italian master.
  • The present school opened a few weeks ago, and furnishes some exquisite specimens of art, which were selected by the directors as examples for imitation.
  • About it and around it clustered the deep purple bells and exquisite tendrils and leaves of the maurandia, while the scarlet passion-flower met it above and mingled its mystic splendors.

Definition of Exquisite

Especially fine or pleasing; exceptional. | (obsolete) Carefully adjusted; precise; accurate; exact. | Recherché; far-fetched; abstruse.
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