Exterior in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Exterior

1. Narrow bands of stone in exterior walls. 🔊

2. Beneath a calm exterior something brooded. 🔊

3. The third variety is black with an exterior white germ. 🔊

4. The whole exterior of the place looked old and dirty. 🔊

5. The exterior of our inn was certainly none of the most inviting. 🔊

6. Their worst is better than the best of the exterior nations. 🔊

7. It is both gray and black in color, and has a long exterior white germ. 🔊

8. I'm blind, you see, and I've no idea of its exterior appearance. 🔊

How to use Exterior in Sentences?

1. I cannot say that her exterior was much calculated to dispel the reserve of a stranger. 🔊

2. The adult two-winged fly lays its eggs on the exterior of the animal to be infested. 🔊

3. It suffers nowadays, much more than it need do, from the utter absence of exterior colouring. 🔊

4. The exterior is unattractive, even dirty, and the service inside is somewhat rough. 🔊

5. In this manner it is stated that contamination is confined only to the exterior of the contents of the case. 🔊

6. On such an extraneous and whimsical exterior circumstance hinged the young widow's interest in me. 🔊

7. Vincy really concealed under an amiable and gentle exterior the kindest heart of any man in London. 🔊

8. This rich and gifted life, however quiet in its exterior facts, was great in its creative and spiritual manifestation. 🔊

9. When he was at Oxford he had been well known for concealing under a slightly rowdy exterior the highest spirits of any of the undergraduates. 🔊

10. Admiral Bayly was so retiring and so modest that he seemed almost to have assumed these exterior traits to disguise his real nature. 🔊