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  • It is otherwise in external nature.
  • Lovers, external actions of, 124.
  • An external perspective view of this coil is shown in Fig.
  • The most external of them, i.e. the spatial direction of an individual, viz.

How To Use External In A Sentence?

  • Most of the eggs are in the external part of the gelatinous mass; the jelly is clear.
  • They are not the gift of eternal life, but of certain external and temporal advantages.
  • Here also it may reach this conclusion, by a more external or a more internal mode of argument.
  • There is, however, neither external testimony nor internal probability to support that opinion.
  • We speak not of external acts; and hence we lay aside the whole scheme of natural necessity.
  • But the thing is an abstractly external thing, and the I in it is abstractly external.
  • It limits the external sphere beyond which the effects or consequences of our volitions cannot be projected.
  • Now in the shape of mechanical memory, intelligence is at once that external objectivity and the meaning.
  • Language here comes under discussion only in the special aspect of a product of intelligence for manifesting its ideas in an external medium.
  • She knew nothing of the mental processes by which these external objects were associated with the deepest emotions of the heart.
  • Intelligence is thus the force which can give forth its property, and dispense with external intuition for its existence in it.
  • But the question relates, not to external actions or movements of the body, but to the volitions of the mind itself.
  • In itself the external world has no inside, no centre: it is we who read into it the conception of a life-history.
  • According to his definition of liberty, it is merely a freedom from co-action, or external compulsion.
  • Force, then, is the external or phenomenal commencement of states, not their underlying and essential principle.
  • It could not be said that she had received from the contacts of the external world impressions of a personal kind, different from other women.
  • With lovers the external actions and gestures are couriers, which bear authentic tidings of what is passing in the interior of the soul.
  • It relates, not to the election of individuals to eternal life, but of a nation to the enjoyment of external privileges and advantages.
  • Reason must find its own internal power and life in revelation, and revelation must find its own external form and beauty in reason.
  • But God knew that no external means and motives would be sufficient of themselves to form his moral character.
  • If previously it was mere inward sensibility, it is now sense, perceptive of an object here and now, of an external world.
  • He determined therefore to operate on his heart itself, and cause him to put forth certain evil exercises in view of certain external motives.
  • It is true, there is a thing which we call volition, or an act of the mind; but this does not produce the external change by which it is followed.
  • No one doubts, and no one denies, that the motions of the body are controlled by the volitions of the mind, or by some external force.
  • But it should be observed that natural necessity, or co-action, reaches no deeper than the external conduct; and can excuse for nothing else.
  • For Valdana she felt no pity, for she knew that if he suffered it would be only through his external senses, never through his heart.
  • There is no controversy, he truly says, that voluntary actions, that is, external actions proceeding from the will, are necessitated by the will.
  • What is differentiated from it is as yet no external object (as in consciousness), but only the aspects of its own sentient totality, &c.
  • This natural necessity, or co-action, it is admitted on all hands, destroys accountability for external conduct, wherever it obtains.
  • We may please to do a thing, nay, we may freely will it, and yet a natural necessity may cut off and prevent the external consequence of the act.
  • Its justification is that it protests against the authority of a mere external or objective order, subsisting and ruling in separation from the subjectivity.
  • And it takes time and much hardening of yourself against external influences before you have the effrontery to order the young gentleman about, or tell him off when he is in error.
  • It is very true, that no man would be accountable for his external actions or their consequences, if there were no fixed relation between these and his volitions.
  • As I said before, I did not entirely lose my external consciousness, although it was very dim and dream-like.
  • The very word "duty" seems out of place; if, at least, duty suggests external obligation, an order imposed and a debt to be discharged.
  • But these dull sub-conscious beginnings are deprived of their original importance and prominence by new influences, it may be by external agencies or by the needs of civilisation.

Definition of External

Outside of something; on the exterior. | Not intrinsic nor essential; accidental; accompanying; superficial. | Foreign; relating to or connected with foreign nations.
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