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  • Even in externals there is a similarity.
  • The externals seemed to be farther-reaching.
  • Her mind compelled externals to its use.

How To Use Externals In A Sentence?

  • He meant that externals were of no account in the delighted shock of their meeting.
  • Barbarism means the worship of those externals in their crude and unconquered state.
  • She recognized many things as externals which she had heretofore considered as essentials.
  • However gloomy the externals of his life, his creative activities knew no cessation.
  • Therefore, though externals are not goods in themselves, they may be a means towards the good.
  • But the story of his life must be admitted to be in its externals a painful and somewhat sordid chronicle.
  • Lessons of self-purification and communion, by which the illusiveness of externals and the value of internals are understood.
  • All the externals of a theatrical representation are opposed to this notion; all is merely a symbol of the real.
  • We have the instinctive desire to relieve pain, but we work in externals in this as in everything else.
  • We generally make the most accurate estimate of ourselves when we are stripped of all the externals which serve to magnify us in our own eyes.
  • The end of each act sees the lovers in a situation which is at heart the same, though in externals different.
  • Obviously humour is distinct from satire, but it can be distinguished from farce and wit only by insisting on the externals when speaking of them.
  • He had all the externals which the layman associates with victory until he went to the supreme test, which ripped him into slivers of rotten wood.
  • He had, without knowing it, a sense of something underneath the externals which put a constraint upon him.
  • I take ornament as including all the externals of education, and I ask, where does education show on the outside?
  • The latter, admiring Rembrandt, essayed to equal his power by imitating his externals with academic processes.
  • There is nothing in the externals of lion-tamers, steeple-climbers, divers, balloonists, or gymnasts to betray their unusual calling.
  • The current of European influence, which is affecting externals in Tihran, is not likely now to be stemmed.
  • If you have an eye for essentials you may tell at once that he is a doctor, but if you only notice externals you will take him, for anything else.
  • For he who regards not the poor flesh which envelops him, surely will not trouble himself by looking after raiment and dwelling and fame and such like externals and show.
  • No doubt it has localised and confined itself, but it is no longer at the disposal of externals and accident: it has laid the foundation for higher developments.
  • But superiors will not forgive their inferiors for possessing the externals of greatness, nor for displaying that majesty so prized by the ancients but so often lacking to the administrators of modern power.
  • The act of giving away money for charitable purposes is, by this admirable invention, transformed into an amusement, and puts on the externals of profitable commerce.
  • The following proverb, "Wash the dog and comb the dog, still the dog remains the dog," indicates that externals do not affect the real nature.

Definition of Externals

plural of external
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