Extirpate In A Sentence

Definition of Extirpate

(transitive, obsolete) To clear an area of roots and stumps. | (transitive) To pull up by the roots; uproot. | (transitive) To destroy completely; to annihilate.

How To Use Extirpate In A Sentence?

  • Many efforts are employed to extirpate this diabolical abuse, but it still costs great toil.
  • When they appear in a district, cattle-farmers have to combine to hunt them down and extirpate them.
  • In heat and cold, in storm and tempest, they plied their trade of war, their holy crusade to extirpate the infidel from off the face of the waters.
  • In order to extirpate the animals of Angromainyu, the priest is to be provided with a stick, the Khrafctra-killer.
  • For all this is necessary, and is undertaken in order to direct our energies to the defense of the islands, and to try to extirpate the enemy from them.
  • This will render the population question more acute, especially as the diseases which we hope to extirpate are the commonest cause both of sterility and of infant mortality.
  • When first Bou-Akas assumed the government, the country was infested with robbers, but he speedily found means to extirpate them.
  • We prepare ourselves to hear that woman has resolved to extirpate such a monster as this, or that she will remain an obstinate vestal till a nobler breed of wooers arises.
  • And as the peasantry did not return, on the 2nd November, 1560, the Count advanced at the head of his army to extirpate the heretics.
  • There was a meeting of Convocation in February, 1512, to consider how to extirpate the Lollard heresy which was reviving.
  • The latter deputed Cardinal Alexandrin, inquisitor general, to extirpate heresy in the kingdom of Naples.
  • We are not to extirpate the principle of curiosity, which leads us to acquire knowledge; but so to direct it, that all our acquisitions shall be useful and not frivolous or injurious.
  • The Habsburgs have done their best to extirpate the Czech heretics and abolish and destroy the Bohemian Constitution.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Extirpate | Extirpate Sentence

  • Its object was to extirpate the gentry.
  • Did they ever extirpate the meanness of a customer?
  • To extirpate it the earth had to produce new races.
  • To make amends for his adultery, he concluded to extirpate heretics.
  • Superior Varieties will ultimately Extirpate the original Species.

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