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  • You extol our bravery.
  • In his absence they extol his deeds.
  • I will extol thee, and the task is delightful.
  • Did not you extol the two Seraphims just now in the same generous language?
  • Maria Dmitrievna began to extol Varvara's cleverness.

How To Use Extol In A Sentence?

  • I was then delighted, and, with many others and more than they, did I praise and extol him.
  • You extol him as a conscientious man who was compelled by scruples of conscience to separate from his wife.
  • He did not; and yet how highly and justly did the government extol his manly and energetic conduct!
  • He does not extol physical science alone, though doubtless he had a preference for it over metaphysical inquiries.
  • If we can regard religions as stages in the evolution of religion, then we have no motive either to depreciate or unduly to extol any of them.
  • Celebrating the abolition of slavery by constitutional amendment, the occasion demanded that he extol the really benign achievement.
  • Not of less consideration was the fact that we are in the view of so many barbarous nations, who esteem and extol him who conquers.
  • He still continued to extol his own calling in his songs, and was inclined to view with ridicule the unstable life of others.
  • At first he had been disposed to extol Zdena's heroism, but he has thought better of it.
  • We do not yet extol it on moral grounds, but undoubtedly, the more we think of it, the deeper becomes our admiration.
  • All the Manila religious extol the Indians of this town as the most tractable and most attached to the church.
  • He rid himself of all impeding veils; his doubts dispelled, he began to extol and glorify the Beauty promised from of old.
  • Let men extol the obligation of a vow as much as they list, yet shall they not bring to pass that the vow annuls the commandment of God.
  • Christ, the son of God, will give me the gift of song to extol my prince, who giveth the warlike shout with joy.
  • These he forthwith began to extol with an amazing volubility of well-sounding words and an ingenuity of praise that won him my heart as being myself one of the most merciful of critics.
  • They have a tradition that Hercules also had been in their country, and him above all other heroes they extol in their songs when they advance to battle.
  • And those bulls of the Bharata race comforting Draupadi began to cheerfully extol Bhima with glad hearts.
  • It is not enough that they should extol the genius of Washington, the patriotism of Henry, or the enthusiasm of Otis.
  • A rich man speaketh, and all keep silence; and what he saith they extol to the clouds: a poor man speaketh, and they say, Who is this?
  • Yet this place, of which we are so proud, and that it delights us to extol to strangers, has a history that renders its singular picturesqueness additionally striking.
  • For hence he is loved who is commended, when the commender is believed to extol him with an unfeigned heart; that is, when one that loves him, praises him.
  • Since the work which was to perform such miracles has appeared, and has been found so egregiously to disappoint expectation, why do those who puffed it on trust, still continue to extol it?
  • In order to increase our respect for the bible, it became necessary for the priests to exalt and extol that book, and at the same time to decry and belittle the reasoning powers of man.
  • You slated this and it has gone through twenty editions" is not a more uncommon remark than the other, "They slated that and you extol it to the skies.
  • My Lords, were she child of another father, I should extol to the skies her bravery, her self-devotion, her loyalty to the land she loves.

Definition of Extol

To praise; to make high.
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